Snow and Hot Tubs

Okay, so it’s almost winter here in my part of Alaska. The snow is here, although barely enough to mention, but still. Today it’s actually pouring rain out my window, which I absolutely love. However, I am ready for full winter.

Winter, with its new set of clothing, crystals of white linking hands to cover the world, making it fresh and soft and so beautiful. Cleaning the air. Quieting my surroundings.

Life slows down. It’s time for slow, deep thoughts. Hot tea, wrapped in a soft blanket, sitting out on the porch or staring out the window. It’s actually getting to see the stars again (we don’t really get to see them in summer – too light). It’s watching the auroras dance before my eyes, seducing my imagination. It’s walks in the falling snow, wishing for someone to share it with, someone who loves walking in the snow, too.

It’s also outdoor hot-tubbing. There is nothing as wonderful as sitting in a hot tub while it’s snowing all around you. I mean, it’s glorious in the rain too, but the snow makes it a memorable journey of the senses.

It’s the hot water caressing your skin, swirling, skimming, gently massaging. Getting in all those places that are neglected so often. Then it’s the icy cold flakes falling on your naked skin, a prick of frozen bliss just before it melts. Perhaps leaving a goosebump behind in its wake.

What follows is what makes it the sensual joy you long for and what remains in your memory long after. Climbing out of your warm cocoon, you run out into the cold, drop down and roll in the snow. Melting it instantly with your hot skin, grabbing handfuls rubbing it briskly, your skin turns to ice so quickly, nipples hard, skin tightening, breath hitching, gasping. It’s almost orgasmic in its sinful overload. Rising again you run back and climb into the steaming water as quickly as possible. God, it’s heavenly, out of this world. Fire and ice in the form of the water element.

Best when done with another person. Especially if you’re both naked (as you should be in this situation) and you don’t mind massaging one another underwater.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. I can’t be. Come on, who’s with me here? Show of hands??

tara caribou | ©2017

11 Comments on “Snow and Hot Tubs

  1. I haven’t done this in years! I always made snow angels though. So many memories…. I need to find a hot tub to use this winter ☺

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  3. I love hot tubbing in the snow. Michigan snow storm. Couldn’t see three feet in front of you… The steam created falling crystals of water like a waterfall magically called forward from the sky for your own personal use. It is truly a heaven to experience!

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    • Beautiful imagery! Yes!! On Halloween it was just above freezing and raining and me and my friend were hot tubbing out in it. It was awesome! It is magical and delicious on the skin.

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