Letting Go (The Release)

The time has come
for me to admit that
I’ve been holding you
too tight

I knew you were never mine
to bind myself to
and yet I did
I held on
I clung to you
and when you attempted to
move on
with a life that always only
belonged to you
I clutched even tighter

Perhaps that
was my downfall
that tight grip

Whatever it was
I recognize now
your need for space
your need to fly
to be free
untethered by me

And so I
in this moment
release that rope which I used
to trap you to me
spread your wings
be the one you were always meant to be

Fly fast
that I may not reach out for you again
with my tar-covered fingers
that I may not taint you
with my dirty filth any longer
that I may not pull you down
into my darkness once again

No I will watch you
from afar
I will always wish the best

Do you understand?

Have you ever loved someone
so much that you wanted nothing
except the best for them?
That even if you could not have them,
you still wanted them to be happy?
That’s me and you

I want you for myself
you were never mine to have
someone got you first
and while I’m jealous of
I’m happy for
to be happy with

in this moment
I am going to try
(once more)
to let you

10 Comments on “Letting Go (The Release)

    • I think we all feel a bit dirty. With our imperfections and sins and past mistakes that always haunt us and bad habits… I feel like I taint those I come in contact with with my dirty filth that I can never seem to wash myself clean from. Thanks for reading!

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  1. We are oft to blame in this, Tis too much proved—that with devotions visage and pious actions we do sugar o’er The Devil himself. Holding on to tightly, if anyone is guilty of that, we need only look into a mirror cause we’ve all done it at some point and time but it takes strength to let go, not to hold on. But you can’t put all of this on you, one person can’t cause a riot alone, you let go now wash your hands and move on. This was an emotional letter like write that shows clean character. The way things are aren’t always how they’re meant to be.

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      • As we all do, and it’s habit. And if the bird lands on our shoulder, like I said it is not just on you. Just because one trips on a bra doesn’t make it a booby trap. ;o) Things aren’t always as they seem, maybe it was he who couldn’t let go.

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  2. It;s probably the most difficult to do when love’s fibres are still attached to the heart. Good luck!

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    • And perhaps I don’t take rejection well… but seriously. I think my issue was I made a relationship from something I thought was there and really wasn’t. It was my own naivety or wishful thinking. Either way, my own doing.


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