Without You Beside Me

I lay here in our bed
But when I close my eyes
I imagine your arms around me
Your breath on my neck
Whispers of love and forever
On my hip rests your hand
A leg thrown over mine

If I turn my face
Will I see your eyes looking back into mine?
Will I feel your soft warm skin beneath my fingertips?
Will you tell me you love me?
Will I be whole again?

I roll over, my hand touches cold sheets
My eyes open and I’m still alone
My breath hitches
My heart stutters
Tears flow once again
I miss you so much

Without you beside me
I am half of a woman
Less even than that
Because you’ve added so much to my life
Without you beside me
I survive but can’t thrive
Much as before we reconnected
It wasn’t much of a life
Without you beside me

And then I remember
All the promises and declarations
The strange circumstances
And bad timing
Losing my heart but gaining yours
Opening my eyes, seeing things new
Laughing and sighing

Your face and your smile
Your eyes and your voice
Your touch and your body
The smell of your skin
Your taste on my lips and my tongue

In my mind I hear
Your moans and your growls
I hear you say you love me
That I’m yours, I’m all you want
Promising me forever
Binding yourself to me

I remember your body against mine
Holding, touching, clinging
Slow and gentle
Frantic and desperate
Lips and tongues, sweating and groaning
Hard and soft
Wet, wanting, needy
Crying out then sighing in release

I love you, don’t leave me
I can’t face this world without you beside me

Driving in the car, music on
Heads bobbing, softly singing along
Falling deeper in love
I can’t touch you enough
Can’t get close enough
This damn seatbelt

Tell me more about your life
Let me hear your voice
Dream more dreams that include me
Let’s make plans
Or even just live in the moment
I don’t care
I just want you
I can’t imagine life without you beside me

My insecurities overwhelm me
When you’re here, you know just what to say
To help me overcome myself
Without you beside me
My thoughts take over
The fears creep in
Please don’t forget me

I love you
You are my everything
You make me a better person
You heal my soul
I need you beside me
I love you

13 Comments on “Without You Beside Me

  1. This was so perfectly written. It makes me crave the wanting, the needing to know what happened to their lover.
    Perfectly written,
    Perfectly carried,
    Perfectly executed.

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  2. I was inspired by your mention of seat belt to write my own blog about something similar. Perhaps it is the indication of a troubled mind, or a safety freak, but the jury is still out on that one!

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  3. I gather my inspiration from many sources, but especially from the images created in my mind after reading descriptive blogs like yours….

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  4. Strong lines throughout; I was drawn to this: “My insecurities overwhelm me / When you’re here, you know just what to say / To help me overcome myself”. Just wow! Feels powerful and personal. Such a strong sense here of … I don’t know the exact word. But I feel this one even though I’m just the reader.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Benjamin. That’s one of the best compliments I could ever ask for. That you could *feel* the piece and make it a part of you. You comment has touched my heart.


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