Labyrinth of Sorrows

running through this maze
unable to see my way out but
knowing there’s got to be one
I mean there’s always a way out
another corner
another sloping up and
curving back down
surely there must be a roadmap
directions passed down
generation to generation
mother to son and
father to daughter
go this way
turn back
duck down and climb over
a trail of breadcrumbs that
never mold or blow off in the wind
a brick road of sorts
yet it’s still unclear
I must not have received the message
perhaps I set it down in
some teenage angst along the way
useless information but
oh how wrong I was because
I’m lost and
I’m not sure I’ll ever find a way clear
pillars of clouds lifting
rays of sunlight moving
bright guiding light of a north star
a pole in the ground
engraved with strange symbols
whatever it takes to
point out the path because
I can’t see it and when I think I can
there seem to be diverging trails
overgrown or bare
it’s a labyrinth of twisting sorrows
and wrong turns
banging into walls and hedges
perhaps there never was an answer
maybe this all there is?
thag can’t be
it just can’t
there must be more than this
please someone hear my cry!
send help!
I’m alone
I’m scared and
I can’t see my way through from here

6 Comments on “Labyrinth of Sorrows

  1. Oh, the pain of isolation, and the terror of attempting to navigate it alone. I have wandered this labyrinth end to end so many times to know that it is not so much a labyrinth as it is a shadow realm, a projection on top of what really is. In that understanding, I no longer seek to find an escape, but rather to observe and learn from the differences, patiently waiting for the layer of darkness to be lifted.

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