The Intensity – Collaboration

Not just light, nor just dark
illumination draws your silhouette,
burned into the retina in my mind
the intensity
the raw energy when you, when we meet

It’s powerful we’re overtaken
Pushed and pulled
Stretched beyond limits
Broken into pieces to rebuild
Oh god to completely rebuild

I watched you, your body
glistening in sweat, your chest heaving
the sound of your breathing,
gasping for air, gasping for more,
the hours turned days,
when we would meet
not so many minutes,
when first our eyes
were averted, because we knew,
god how we knew

Life as we knew it would never
Absolutely never be the same
We ripped one another to shreds
Put back the pieces
A strip here, a strip there

then the temptation, the desire unbridled,
I can almost hear you screaming when we
when the thought of it ending, slowing
but not stopping when,
when you looked at me
when your touch,
not something I’ll ever forget

There remained after the fact
Torn edges whipstitched
A scar poorly drawn together
The ragged edges overlapping
But still somehow healing
In spite of everything, and one another

the illumination,
the shadows eclipsed you
taking you while I watched, licking my lips, while you, while the passion overtook you
leaving you,
the intensity never stopping
never ending, when we would meet,
whenever we, wherever the clock struck
making my heart skip,
then stumble and fall

Those parts of us, the best parts really
Made better, made now whole
A ragtag, mishmash of patches
Poorly sewn yet still
Together we made it work
No longer looking elsewhere for

while you, licked up the pieces,
the best of the last
the best of what we, while we lie back
gasping after the last breath,
the last memory
of how the intensity,
ruled our lives

We were still able to lie back
On this patchwork quilt
We called Love and Life

©️bluerooster & tara caribou – 2018

5 Comments on “The Intensity – Collaboration

  1. It feels rather strange liking my own work, but this is an exception. If it wasn’t for the respect of my co-collaborator, I never would have done so. Thanks.

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  2. I agree with the fellow in the comment box above this one. He does do nice work, but I wonder if his blue feathers are really Denali Blue, or is he hiding something under them, being a Bird of a different Color?

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