A Future (Im)possible

As I stand here gazing out my window at the evening sky, clouds burning red, mountains a rosey pink, trees and fields fading in the night, stars winking into existence, landscape disappearing, making way for the dancing auroras and the moon partially clothed in her full splendor, my mind drifts.

I wonder at possibilities. Could it be possible that you could feel the same way that I do about you? If I left this all behind and made my way to your part of the world, would you stare into my eyes and take me by the hand and lead me to where you and I can truly become us? Would I be welcome there?

I look into this possible future. It’s one where you and I sit side by side, wrapped in a heavy blanket watching the rain smudge our view; our fingers curled together. It’s one where we share a morning cup of tea or coffee, discussing nothing and discussing everything. It’s one where you reach across to wipe my many tears from my cheek and murmur living words into my soul. Where I help keep you grounded and sane and do battle with your dark demons, chasing them away. Where I stand watch as you lie sleeping, protecting your heart as you dream vulnerable.

It’s a future where we lay together on our bed, sharing dreams and visions and deepest fears while cuddled up together, arms wrapped about one another, legs tangled, hearts beating as one. Where we make passionate love and satiate carnal lust and moan and sigh and completely fulfill one another.

It’s a future where we laugh over a ruined dinner and struggle to pay bills and walk in the rain and move beyond hurt pasts and teach each other to fly and pick one another up and complain about the neighbors and cry together and laugh a lot and read one another’s poems and hold each other tight and fight fiercely for Us and live out our lives united.

I search the heavens for an answer. Could this be our beautiful future? Or would you take one look at me, close your eyes, and turn away? Still I look. The sky begins to lighten, stars quietly slipping away, the moon has long set, saving a place in the air for the burning sun to rise. And still I wait. Wondering. Longing. Drifting.

tara caribou | ©2017

32 Comments on “A Future (Im)possible

  1. Sometimes we just have to risk it all in order to test the true nature of love. Well-written and from the heart, this piece resonates with those of us in the same position. Awesome, CC!

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  2. Touching. Resonates deeply. Except. I just don’t feel I have to search the world. I feel when the time is right it will all align to be wait should. To unite me with my true love.

    I’m keeping my eyes open and my heart welcoming and wondering if maybe…..just maybe I should try expanding my search to include my own sex. Lol.

    You do paint a terribly beautiful picture. 💋❤️

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    • I love that. (I’m really looking forward to doing a collaboration with you – is that still in the works?)


  3. Maybe if you wait and wonder, long for and drift, long enough, he’ll be gone and you won’t have to make a decision.
    And then… you can write a poem about the big one that got away.


  4. Your senses are far more vivid than most, probably because of where you live, and you are able to capture this and translate it for us. I really love that about your work.

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  5. Wow Tara. I absolutely love these prose pieces. I loved the descriptions, the introspection, the vague wishful thinking and the nostalgia. You’re not an average or mediocre writer. You’re a great writer and it’s time you accepted that. Fucking brilliant.

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  6. So heartbreakingly beautiful. The pictures you paint are startlingly vivid, and the undercurrent of that longing is razor-sharp. It took my breath away. Looking forward to reading more from you! ❤

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    • That’s wonderful Shreya! I really appreciate you reading (and commenting) this is one reason I write. I’m so glad you were touched by the words.

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