‘Neath The Stars – Collaboration

Sulaiman Hafeez and I… well, we are both romantics at heart, full of love’s passion. I enjoy reading his snippets of life, peppered with bits of spicy and the mundane. Much like our own lives, eh? I hope you enjoy!

That piercing look from the adjacent corner of the room, Wanting you to notice me.
Seeing you casually run your tongue over your lips, I want a taste of you.
And a finger beckoning me to walk over to you, Come here, my lover.
Then teasing me by walking away to the balcony of our pent and I follow.

Like the clouds that are embracing the moon,
My hands are wrapped around your waist and my head rests over your shoulder as we both look into the infinite expanse.

The view is breathtaking, All I know is your breath is on my neck.
Skyscrapers soaring into the sky around us, Our bodies touching.
Lights illuminating the city below, Warm in your embrace.
Light music streaming in from the club below. Leaning back on your chest.

It’s all nearly perfect.

Stand still,
I know the one thing that’s missing. Yeah?
A glass of champagne would compliment this romantic ambience, oh! You read my mind!
Just watching you raise the glass to your pretty lips makes my mind race,
Would you care for a refill? Maybe just one more.
Are you tipsy already? Not quite… maybe.
It’s a Saturday night anyway.

Let’s sit on this couch overlooking the city.
Talk to me, yeah?
How long’s it been since someone’s told you just how beautiful you are? You always say that…
I like the way your skin feels against mine.
Do you mind if I press up against you in this cold weather? mmmmm I’d like that very much.

I know it’s dangerous and someone may see us looking over through their windows but I can’t think straight. Do you feel it too?
Kiss me gently, mmmm now kiss me roughly.
Climb over me and push my back against the chaise longue. Oh, my lover!
Trust me; intertwine your fingers with mine,
Don’t separate your lips from mine. I never can.

It doesn’t matter if we’re being watched, Let them see our love!
Put your mind to ease as I run my tongue down your long neck. God, that feels so good!
Dig your nails deep into my skin, I want more of you!
I don’t care if you leave a bruise, I want to mark you as mine!
I’ve been craving for you for far too long now. Oh, yes, I’m all yours!

There’s no need to force yourself to hush your moans, My cries and whimpers speak out our love.
Be as loud as you wish. Oh yes!
Indecency, obscenity, oh fuck! oh oh fuck yes!
Let’s both let ourselves go for tonight. I need you right now; I’m burning up.

Turn around and face me, I can see hunger in your eyes!
With your hips against the railing, I want you closer, closer.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you.
I won’t let you go. Please don’t ever let me go.
Just hold on to me tightly as I crash into you.

Close your eyes and touch me, You feel perfect.
Every inch, every breath in your ear, Like I was made just for you.
The countless stars in the sky,
The moon over the ocean,
I made those just for you. Seeing those lights reflected in your eyes, I know it to be true.
Let me take you into another dimension where it’s just us, I am covered and consumed by you alone.
All alone.

Each second, Feels like eternity.
And every thrust, Magic divine.
Pushing us both ever the edge. Oh! I’m shaking, shuddering, floating, high.
Until a blissful sigh escapes your throat, ooohhh Baby…
Until your red lips are tangled with mine again.

The stars form the perfect backdrop as we’re both locked in the most beautiful kiss of our life. God, how I love you!
Before we turn around and stargaze together,
With my two hands still tightly wrapped around your little waist, I am complete. I am whole.
And my head still resting against your shoulder, kissing your cheek. Resting, thriving, existing within this one most perfect moment of our lives.

©️Sulaiman Hafeez & tara caribou – 2018

17 Comments on “‘Neath The Stars – Collaboration

  1. Oh wow. Your cowriter seems pretty talented 😍.
    Haha, on a serious note though, this was really fun. Thank you for trusting me enough and let’s do this again sometime, Tara ❤❤.

    Liked by 1 person

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