The Tease – An Erotic Collaboration

I wrote this erotic poem with Simon, who has since closed his blog. He never asked that I remove our poem so I’ll leave it and hope you Enjoy!

Naked, leaning against the wall, sliding my hands down my creamy skin…
You shouldn’t tease me, you really shouldn’t.
Oh but I’m so soft and silky and my pussy is drenched, see how I taste my fingers for you?
Oh it’s like that is it? You think you can tease me with your intoxicating words and thoughts and I won’t act?
Pushing my fingers in again, looking you right in the eye as I moan out…
Or are you seeing how far you can go before I break?
Ooohhh wouldn’t you like to feel how wet I am? I feel amazing; slick, ready…
You have no idea of the animal you have awoken.

Stripping in front of you, t-shirt off, pants off and now just my shorts. I see your eyes bulging like my manhood. Oh yes. Your pleading face as my shorts come off.
Licking my lips, you look good enough to eat. So fucking hot.
Now it’s your turn, I’m going to tease you then fuck you against that wall… but you don’t know that yet.
Come kiss me, lover, I long for you!
Every item of clothing now lays on the floor, your lips reach for mine and I allow you a touch but that’s all.
I need more than just one kiss!….
Your arms wrap around my neck and now’s the time, lifting you to me.

Your legs lock around me.
I’m spread wide for you.
My thick, hard cock pushed right up inside you.
Oh fuck me! I didn’t expect….
Pushing you to the wall.
Oh god baby, I….
Pushing my cock inside you, hard.
Oh fuck!
Yes! Oh yes!
Bodies rubbing, breath quickens. Lips meet in a breathless expression of passion.

Fucking you.
Take me…
Yes, like that! More!
Deeper… feeling you grip me. But you’re not getting away lightly. You’re getting fucked hard.
Oh shit, baby!
Raising your arms and locking fingers.
I’m lost in our dripping desire.
Nothing between us just outstretched bodies and raw passion.

Feeling you grip, clench, pulsate around me.
Oh my god I’m right there, please let me cum!
Good girl, cum baby and cum hard.
Oh fuck! Fuck yes!
So swollen. So ready.
Screaming out your name.
Fuck that’s a hell of a grip… locking eyes as we both cry out. The look of desire as you feel me cum hard inside you.
Oh yes! You’re marvelous!
You got what you wanted.
We both did, mmmmm….
But baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. We just got started.
. . . . .

Simon & tara caribou | ©️2018

19 Comments on “The Tease – An Erotic Collaboration

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        • I know. I will, but I hate that I have to.
          I’m tired of myself and the millions of seconds I spend hoping for a happy morning or decent evening, just to hit my baseline mood and have to deal with the deeper, darker psychic shit that I don’t know how to alleviate or express.
          I need something, but I don’t know what, so I spend my time searching for anything and everything, compounding my sadness and sorrow and loneliness.
          I can’t spell. I use too many commas. Everything I write amounts to disjointed ramblings. I fixate on erroneous actions and random numbers and semantics and my pinky toe that I just realized sits slightly under the toe next to it.
          The boulder is getting heavier, and the mountain is getting steeper.
          This is the wrong place to express these feelings.
          Your piece moved me and created a lovely place for me to escape to.
          Sorry for the rambling.

          Liked by 2 people

        • That: that right there is exactly what you should be posting. It’s raw and vulnerable and gorgeous and a piece of you that many can relate with. I know I can. The minutiae can ebb and flow and overcome, washing as a deep curling wave right over your head spinning and tossing you about. Look to the horizon my friend. Cling to anything that’s floating. Whether it be a poem or a young puppy’s tail wag or the perfect shade of red found in a stop light. Don’t wait to get better. Write write write. Put everything and nothing on the page. Vomit out your soul and let the dogs lap it up. (That’s me, by the way, the dogs.) Understand that hey, we are all fucked up and that’s a beautiful glorious thing. I too fixate, I get it. And when I look up and realize I’ve been scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush for, shit, 90 minutes?? how did that happen? What have I been thinking? I have no idea but I’ve got to put the brush down and stop looking at my toe, which happens to sit a little on top not underneath or even fucking flat like it should, right?! There are no wrong rambles, just soul-searches. Let’s keep going on together, you and I, okay? Maybe we’ll see some pretty flowers along the way.

          Liked by 2 people

        • Thank you so much for the support. Talking with you has helped immensely, but unfortunately, I feel my posts are making it worse. I’ve always found joy in writing, but I can’t stand reading what I write. It’s not just writing, I can’t stand anything I do, really. I loathe myself, but I don’t understand why. I guess some people are just broken.
          Your comment does remind me that I have to break out of my solipsistic mindset. Everybody hurts and fixates and goes through what I do, but that kind of makes me feel worse.
          I’m titrating up on a new med so I know that’s playing a role in how I feel, but I’m feeling decent today.
          Thank you.

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        • Okay. I’m sorry if you felt I was pushing you, B. I just can feel all this passion from you and I don’t want to lose that. It’s a beautiful thing to me. Absolutely fucking beautiful.

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