A Heavy Metal Love Story

During the yearly music festival, it can get wild out here. Especially during the guitar-screaming, bass-pounding, throat-numbing heavy metal days… or should I say nights? Everywhere you look there’s leather and jeans, long hair and tits. Boots and beer. Inked flesh and pierced skin. This year was no exception and was turning out to be the best festival yet. Ronny had taken a running dive off the stage and broken some poor bastard’s arm in the process. Selayah up and quit right in the middle of a set when Bo pulled a fan up on stage and let her push her tongue down his throat. Good times for sure.

The grounds around the stages were trampled and littered with lost earrings and wrist bands and red plastic cups. Then, as late evening descended, the skies opened up and the rain began to pour. Fuck yeah, baby! One of my favorite bands started their set and I pushed and wove my way forward hoping to get closer to the stage. As it happens, I was suddenly jostled from the side so roughly I nearly lost a hold of my drink. Glancing over my shoulder, I prepared to question my unintentional assailant but my step faltered.

Our eyes met and time stood still. There next to me stood a rock god in his own right. Long dark hair, some silver in his beard, eyes that bore into me. For a moment, his lips turned up in the ghost of a smile. I turned, unconsciously, toward him. We stared. Through an entire song we stood and stared.

Suddenly I found myself in his arms and my world became complete. Drinks forgotten, the crowd faded away, it was just me and him and our bodies crashing together, lips smothering one another. Teeth and lips and growls and suction. The rain poured down and we held hands turned and ran, literally ran, out of the park, out into the woods. The beat and the screaming guitars could still be heard but it was the sound of our cries and ecstasy that was in my ears.

We fucked through my band. We fucked away memories. We fucked hard and fast. We fucked to remember. The rain washed away our sweat. The music soothed our souls. And we found eternity in one another’s bodies.

And when at last we’d lay waste to one another, we each got on our own bikes and rode away, him east and me north. I wished we’d said just one more word to one another or, you know, he at least knew my name.

tara caribou | ©2017

20 Comments on “A Heavy Metal Love Story

  1. Lay waste to my very essence, as the guitars sing like the children of chaos and the Gods weep down on Satan’s children. Drink, dance and screw as though this moment was all we’d ever know.

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  2. This one is imbued with the very essence of metal. It’s everything about metal that I know and love. Sharp, a force of nature, dark, focused, driven… sensual, emotional, razor-edged and I think I’m about to launch into a stream-of-consciousness, so I’m gonna conclude with: superb.

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