Her Love is Magic

take my hand, my love
walk with me
down the narrow dirt path
which winds through our valley
my feet and yours, bare
raw earth absorbing
let us find our way
that perfect place
where the lifelines cross
the threads wear thin
the portal easily opens
a place of sanctity
a place for the divine
a place for you and I
circle of trees, breathe life
I’ll rest my back on this birch
you lay your head in my lap
my fingers comb
through your long dark hair
my lips move, a spell whispered
open yourself to me
you turn your face up
a quivering smile
graces your beautiful lips
tears glisten upon your cheek
peace, dear lover, rest
with a sigh and a shudder
you fully open yourself to me
my love engulfing yours
gently removing every stitch you wore
here you lie exposed
for me, for her
my hands, filled with mud and clay
gently caress your lovely breasts
softly coat your creamy thighs
it’s you and me
muddy clay and tears
whimpers and cries of love and loss
open yourself to her love
she moves through me
she moves through you
and three become one
at your very moment of release
the portal yawns wide
a glimpse to elsewhere
peer through with trepidation
cling to my hand
still muddy but now
glazed with your sweet fresh nectar
life-giving for me who thirsts
what do you see, my love?
for I can’t see what you can
all I can see
is you
you, her gift to me
tell me, lover, what do you see?

©️tara caribou – 2018

we each give life to one another, if only we allow ourselves (and each other) the freedom to fully love. chatting with The Whippoorwills earlier inspired these beautiful thoughts, though this dear soul may not realize how.

23 Comments on “Her Love is Magic

  1. That’s very lovely. What do I see, I see myself resting against a tree with a view across the bay and the inlet with my lover resting against me. It’s a lovely summer day and we are content just to be with each other. (Well you did ask)

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  3. I wonder if when she comes she’ll be pretty. I’ve felt her before, even seen her. But not her face. It wasn’t time yet.
    I hope when she comes she’ll be pretty, I’d like that.
    Oh. And thank you. I don’t realize lots of things, but I can feel them. ❤

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  4. Absolutely stunning. Dreamy and fraught with reality simultaneously. Possibly one of my favourites of what I have managed to read of you x


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