I’m Annoyed or maybe just Pissed

Okay. So here’s the thing. I went on to another blogger’s site who occasionally “likes” and reads mine, checking out her site as I do, when I run across a post from a couple days prior which is almost word for word one of my poems. There is no mention of me or my poem. Just a complete and utter rip-off. I’m pissed. I don’t like liars and I don’t like thieves. And I’m wondering, dear readers-who-I-hope-would-never-steal-from-another-artist-without-some-some-sort-of-acknowledgement-for-inspiration: what would you do? How would you respond if you read someone’s “poem” only to see your words there, slightly tweaked (as in a different tense) but there nonetheless? I’m honestly asking. Because I can think of a lot of responses and that got me to thinking, what would YOU do??


And I’m sorry if this sounds petty, but honestly I’m really quite pissed.

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  2. Oh god! It wasn’t me was it? I read your stuff religiously and damn near idolize you. I didn’t absorb something and then cough it back up, did I?

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  3. Oh! Thank heavens for that….fuck….I’m shaking like a leaf. I thought maybe I’d copied you while I was….you know. Not myself.

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  4. One thing you could do is to send a polite email pointing out the similarities in the poems and advise you hoped it was a coincidence. And mention all your work is copyrighted as soon as it’s written/published. And that you hope the person in question wouldn’t be writing material in future that’s coincidentally so similar.

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  5. One bitten twice shy. Keep the blog name do a check now and again and if you see it happen again rain down fire and brimstone on the bitches ass. Sorry was that a bit strong. I think it may have happened to me but being the shy retiring type I’ve just kept the blog name and I’m armed with fire and brimstone 😠.

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  6. I’d be just as disgusted honestly.
    Perhaps an email would set things right? Ask her to take it down. Or at the very least, credit you. That would work, I guess?

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  7. How embarrassing for her! She deserves to be called out for theft. The intellectual property of people should be respected and not hijacked.

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  8. I would be mightily pissed off as well. I would send her a message that contained your poem, and the date written, and ask her to take it down or credit you as the writer

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  9. Remember that time I wrote a poem that sounded kind of like a blog post of yours? (It was Spirals) We chatted a little
    Idk maybe I should’ve credited you or something, but I guess I changed the idea enough(maybe?).
    It was a bit awkward xD

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    • Haha! Yeah, I do remember that. BUT that was nothing like this. Yours was inspired by mine. It was not a complete rip-off. The only thing she really changed was tense. Whereas mine had repeating lines that said “think of you” her repeating line was “thinking of you”. The in-between stuff was nearly the same. Same order. Same same same.

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  10. What is the difference between annoyed and pissed off? In either case, the capture of a like feeling in exact terms would be difficult to find in two persons. What is offered to the World in thought as a written statement, is that of the mind and heart of the stator. I have not seen this myself but would be questioning the source of originality. I would not feel there could be another person on Earth that could express your feelings without ripping it out of your Heart. I am back to read and Love your work and to continue to feel a part of you.

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  11. Food for thought, start ending your work with ‘copyright followed by the year’ I’ve had work stolen. It is an unatural thing to do, to take thoughts from another and repeat them as your own. This is a good reminder for myself to also go back to using copyright. Also, confront them. I did.

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  12. I’d ask a few trusted people for candid opinion on my suspicions, if they concurred I would ask the person to ‘do the right thing’ and take it down, if not, I would out them gratuitously 😉

    If I were to make such a ‘mistake’, I’d hope the other person would at least confront me – its so hard to know circumstances and even though some things seem so obvious, who knows what the story is. It’s an opportunity to mend, apologise, understand …

    If they choose to be a dick about it thought, flamethrower time …

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  13. “They hate us ’cause they ain’t us”

    Best quote from one of my favourite films, The Interview and I am just interjecting that to make you smile and not be pissed off.

    Although I would be effing FUMING, so I get you. I know we don’t really interact but I always try to read you and I appreciate your talent as a writer.
    People, unfortunately, are c***s. You can’t do anything about that. And the more you are not a c*** the more you see it in others and so it comes as a slap in the face, even though it’s not an unusual phenomenon.

    I would…let’s see….repost my poem, link to this idiot’s attempt to take it from you and say “spot the difference? Oh, there isn’t one! Get a life and a semblance of talent!”

    Or…I’d take the high road, bask in others desire to emulate you and let karma deal with them, which it definitely will.

    Be well x

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  14. Tara, I would contact the individual in a professional manner, pointing out your copyright (especially when you posted your work versus when they posted theirs), and succinctly say please do not do this again

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  15. My sincere apologies. I have no patience or tolerance for this sort of thing. Whoever stole your work should have their domain revoked, in my opinion. My advice is to just keep writing. You are the artist, she is the copycat. In the end, your work will stand the test of time.

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  16. Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding and they gard read, lije it and wanted to share but couldn’t remember who wrote it? Hopefully but can’t imagine why they wouldn’t state it as such in the very least. I’m with evertone else, I’d send an email….first.

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  17. Someone used to follow me and often like my posts. I went to their blog and couldn’t find one original post. Everyone of their posts was a repost of someone else’s work. More irritating was the fact that the original authors were seldom credited. I knew this because I followed a lot of the original writers and so I had read those posts earlier. I did not follow this person. Thankfully they seemed to stop following me. It’s just wrong to steal from others.

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    • ohmy! That’s terrible!! I just… stealing doesn’t make sense to me. How can you feel good about yourself 1) it’s not your work so those ‘likes’ aren’t for you, they are for the words and 2) you are lying to your followers. Makes me feel dirty. I don’t like that.

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      • Neither did I. I was glad they stopped following me. And in general I’m very pleased to be followed. I’m sure there’s a way to block people but I haven’t figured that out yet. Probably very easy, but need to find the time to figure it out.

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        • Michael, there actually is NOT a way to block people. You can block them from commenting but not viewing. Unless you make your blog private so that people can only view by invitation.

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  18. Absolutely,you should contact her pointing out the similarities and try to get a pre use idea if the whole thing has been done maliciously or not and in any case ask her to remove it.i suppose you can even make a complaint with wp directly and report her site.


  19. I would contact the person via email and ask they remove the work due to copyright infringement. I would include a copy of the original work. The similarities may not have been intentional, or the person may not understand how copyright laws work. If the person responds well and removes the work, I would move on and keep an eye on their site. If they do not, I would block them via WordPress.

    A helpful link: https://en.support.wordpress.com/copyright-infringement-what-to-do/

    Just Brian, Esq.

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