The more I know of you
the more I want.
Your words
stir up embers of passion
they ignite my imagination.
My soul longs to be with yours.
This distance is so far.
But what is distance to love?
my heart strings are held
within your trembling grasp.
I can’t ignore this
I don’t think you can either.
You try to deny it
you try to look away.
And yet
you are drawn to me
as I am drawn to you.
I See You.
I see behind the words.
I see deeper.
You say I am beautiful
you say I am special
but the truth is
I am but a reflection
Of you.
I am beautiful
because you made me beautiful.
I am special
because you made me special.
I’m no enigma.
There’s no hidden riddle to figure out.
that I am
is found
in you.
Everything I could be
is realized
in you.
Please don’t turn away
from this
from us.
Say you love me too.
I can feel it
I can see it.
Tell me you need me too.
Tell me you want me.
Let me continue
the awesome Light
that is you.

tara caribou | ©️2017

The audio version of this can be heard here.

29 Comments on “Reflections

  1. Just one word can sum all of this up…”Wow”. This truly was a beautiful poem.

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  3. I love this so much, Tara. The concept of mirrored is beauty something I’ve been striving to put into practice. To observe how I adore others so much. Seeing those things about them which I admire and aspire to. Learning to witness those feelings as reflections and recognize and acknowledge those things in myself. Self love is not necessarily an easy concept to put into practice.
    But I read this beautiful work you have created and absorb it’s meaning. I learn from it and grow. I feel the love you have depicted so vibrantly. And would even dare to imagine myself as the you referred to in the poem. To take that affection and apply it to myself.
    This poem is so nourishing and healing material for me.
    Thank you.
    Forgive me if I speak too candidly, but I’m really feeling it. Every word.

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    • Oh my heart! My heart! Yes, this warms me to see (and hear) that you can apply this to yourself. I never would have viewed this as nourishing or healing so I need to think on that for a bit. Your reaction has really affected me and for that I thank you.

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      • It can surprise you sometimes, can’t it? How people choose to interpret your words. What they choose to draw from them.
        And I glad I warmed you and touched your heart. I do love you so, Tara Caribou. I hope you know that. And I hope that love is welcome and I do not overstep any considerations of propriety in saying so. But I mean to speak bold and say what I mean.

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        • You know what? I admire those who speak boldly and honesty is very very important to me. I’ve thought about this somewhat recently, why do people shy away from the word love? Even if you have been burned by someone you loved before… does that diminish the wonder and power of love? Why do we feel we cannot tell our siblings or our best friends that we love them? Why is it not acceptable? Why does it have to be weird? Why can’t we just say: I love you. You are important to me. You bring life to my eyes. You are beautiful.

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        • I absolutely agree. From here on out I will put away my shy and speak boldly.
          When the damn dissociation has a hold of me and voices I do not recognize as truly my own speak, they seem to say their piece freely enough. Why the hell shouldn’t I.
          Thank you beautiful wondrous Tara Caribou, I boldly declare I love you.
          Hey! That rhymes. I did a pome.

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        • You are like a beautiful flower, blooming beneath the light of a full moon, blossoming with the power of the sun, growing with the cleansing rains, nurtured by tender love. You are beautiful, through and through. I hope you never ever lose sight of that. And may She who loves you remind you every single day what a special soul you are.

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  4. Oooh audio! Better yet, a heartfelt expression of the meaning contained in these words. Longing is right, because there is such longing in this… such profound loneliness and such deep longing here. To say “it tugs at the heartsrings” would normally be an understatement at best, but this one, I felt physically pulling. Like a lovesick puppeteer desperate to dismember his favourite marionettes… hmm…

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  5. This is so beautiful , Tara. It’s like an echo from my heart.
    I hope all your wildest dreams come true. And they should.

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