My body
You pour out
All your
And fears
Let me
Drink you down
To build you
Let me
Make you
Once again

tara caribou | ©️2017

8 Comments on “Exorcise

  1. This was an interesting twist, but I enjoyed it. Usually it is about him breaking her down in the using, but, this paints it in a different light.

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    • I’m not quite sure what you mean. I wrote this a year ago and I rescheduled it a few days ago. So unless there were motes in the sky I didn’t see… it’s just happenstance. I dunno.

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      • Everything is for a reason. That is the magic of life. The spells we weave and when we create them and when we release. Synchonistic machinations effecting Barnum and Forer in the foyer of the brain and sensory material memories.
        It is pure chance that it has worked out to be so, and that it is because it was chance that it was so powerful. Thank you.

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  2. This is interesting, and pretty to. I suppose you can guess why I’d feel a connection with this piece, wearing my heart on my sleeve as I do.
    But I must confess that at first I misunderstood. I initially perceived a kind of generosity before I realized this poem describes an equal exchange.
    But it doesn’t do to overthink these things. I’m probably better off just appreciating what I thought was pretty about it. No sense in tearing apart such things trying to explain to yourself why you like them.
    I’ma read it again.

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    • What I was saying was that in a relationship sometimes one person needs to give a little more so that the other can take a little more. It’s not always an even 50-50. It should go in cycles. I think that’s healthy and natural. Even the planet tilts on its axis. So in a way, maybe it is generosity. A willingness to “lose” so that your lover can “gain”…. but in my mind, both really gain as a result. Not sure I am communicating this right. I’m glad to know it touched you though.

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