Tonight I’m staring at your face
Committing to memory what’s already memorized
Seconds become minutes become an hour
Still I gaze
My fingers stretch out and trace all your curves
I am lost in thoughts and dreams and all the emotions that come with us
I want you
You fill all the empty parts of me
I thought I knew what love was
I thought I knew desire
I also thought I had an imagination
Yet you unleashed these things in me
The real parts of me came alive
Like fire to tinder
I’m raging, ready, hungry for more

tara caribou | ©️2019

15 Comments on “Kindling

  1. Kindling, when dry too long, will ignite a raging fire from within, needing only an ember that has never completely gone out

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  2. Hi Tara, last night you told me that you wrote about self harm, and I just wanted you to know that I wasn’t being sarcastic when I wrote that it was different. In fact I think it’s really good. Even though you’re open about your ocd and your writing does occasionally include topics like self harm, you’re real and seem genuine. I can’t stand fake people, especially those who are miserable within and yet have the nerve to write self help. What they don’t realize is that their writing isn’t sincere because they’re not at a point in their lives where it can be. Writing is much more than putting words on a page. You’re doing good, even though your writing is sometimes “different,” it’s sincere and it comes from within. As a writer, I appreciate your honesty.

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    • Dear Frank, thank you so much for your comment. Feel free to email me anytime you would like to discuss things in a private manner.

      I talk about topics such as self-harm, depression, grief, abuse and unrequited love because (other than the last one) they are many times taboo. I talk about them because it gives voice to the voiceless. And because they are subjects that affect me personally.

      I am, in fact, real and genuine. It’s just who I am. I can’t abide fake people. I don’t see the point in it. So while some of my writing isn’t real life, some of it is. And it’s all genuine in the emotion behind it.

      Thank you so very much for talking with me. It’s discussions like yours that make me do this. ~tara


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