Two Thousand Continuous Nights (REBLOG)

Ever read something you wish you would have written yourself, it’s so perfectly done, so perfectly fits the shadows in your heart? Yeah. That’s this. (To you, though you may not see this, this is how I feel about us.)

Evan Ramos Writes

We’d share a call and response every night, phones pressed between cheek and pillow 20.7 miles away. It was an incantation lulling lovers to pass from one consciousness to another. Your voice digitized, reflecting off faux pine towers or maybe even orbiting satellites, reached me through technologies I’d never appreciate or understand.

But now, I’ve forgotten the words we’d sleep to even though they’d been repeated over two thousand continuous nights. I’ve forgotten how you’d nodded off the first time we’d talked on the phone and how I’d dialed digits so the tones would wake you. I’ve forgotten the time exhaustion took us, and we’d attempt to speed through our lullaby until we realized it had no power unless spoken with sincerity and purpose. And I’ve forgotten the nights there was no need for a call because you’d be with me, skin touching skin and our energies sparking. We’d still…

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15 Comments on “Two Thousand Continuous Nights (REBLOG)

  1. Ever read something you wish you would have written yourself?

    God… every damn day.

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        • I’m doing pretty good actually. Today I finished my book, meaning what I’m putting IN to it. Next I am moving on to editing/removing. Yay!

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        • Yeah, that’s what I meant. Oh okay, so sending it to people… and getting a million overly formal rejection letters. Gah. Just thinking about it makes me anxious. I wrote an article and sent it in once for consideration for an online magazine. Got rejected. I was very sad about it. Ha ha.

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        • I can understand that. I have my reasons for wanting to go through a traditional publisher. One being exposure. Generally, self publishing the most you can expect for the average novel (not poetry, which is lower) sells less than 200 copies. Through a publisher they want to make money so they only want “sure sellers” meaning they will sell more like 5k. It’s not money I care about. Because I don’t. But I DO want to reach people, get my art into reader’s hands. Self-publishing, I think I’d be lucky to sell 20 copies. A publisher (and it being poetry) maybe I can sell a couple hundred. That would be fucking amazing.

          And PS, I really enjoy your writing style, so boo on them for rejecting you!

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        • No I do understand that desire to get out there and expose yourself. Ha ha ha. (Jo laughs at his own joke) But yes. A publisher is likely the only way to do that in any real and meaningful way. So good luck.


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