The Ocean’s Daughter

upon the beach
below a sandy cliff
reclines the body of a woman
a temptress
a sorceress
she lays not lifeless but
full of life
a conjurer of potions and emotions
unshakable feelings and thoughts
all consuming passions
in control but controllable

her hair rests about her face and shoulders
long and damp and
interlaced with seaweed and shells
not a single thread
upon her body
except that thin veil
across her most sacred place
a warm and moist inviting vee
where creamy thick thighs
meet a fertile belly
invoking unbidden images of
those legs wrapped
around shoulders
or hips
grinding and worshipping
him who was so blessed

nails made for gripping and scratching
and breasts
god those breasts that
entranced and charmed
drawing hands and lips in
with their own deep magic
perfectly shaped
hard nipples that called
to a deeper conscious
suck and nuzzle for
the milk of life
for nourishment
for love

that blessed man who came upon her
would at once find himself
longing to rest his head there or
nestle into her neck
while also imagining her
wrapped around him
screaming out his name
as he plundered
her innermost secrets

within her eyes of blue
swam oceans of desire
unbridled passion
her lips parted slightly
instantly brings
a moan of need from his own
and tasting them
invokes memories of sweet nectar
along with the salty ocean air
one taste not being enough
never could be
will be a lasting memory
for all his remaining days
to sage on
with a slight smile and
a faraway look

about her ankle rests
a series of dainty beaded bracelets
adorned each not with beads
but instead tiny shells
if one were able to
listen to an individual shell
he would hear a different voice
contained within each one
somehow a combination of
the ocean crashing and
his cries of ecstasy
all at once
he then may become terrified
and run far and fast
for her sorcery
her magic
her love is
so beautiful to behold
so strong a pull
so great a pleasure
it overcomes and
encompasses and
overwhelms him
overtakes his sensibility
until she has brought him
fully to life using her body
and her breath

and he looks about himself
wondering what has happened
how he can have her again
how he can get her out of his mind
and from under his skin but
he can still taste her
and smell her all over his body
and he knows
he’ll never be the same
nor does he want to be
and days in the future will come
when he wishes again
for the sun and the sand
on his naked skin and
her musky smell
infused in his brain and
her voice and her lips and
her teeth and her nails and
that there was in that moment

then he’ll look about himself
a mere simple man
sitting at the diner table or
in traffic or
at his desk pen in hand
and know
he’ll never have her again
even if he went looking
she will have surely
found another
to sing her lover’s song to
and if he did find her
she’d simply
throw her beautiful head back
and laugh at his naivety
before silently slipping
beneath the waves once more

tara caribou | ©️2018

20 Comments on “The Ocean’s Daughter

  1. “.. it overcomes and encompasses and overwhelms him overtakes his sensibility until she has brought him fully to life using her body and her breath” that part gave me chills. Another masterpiece 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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