Crying to the Deep

From the inky depths
something calls
deep crying out to deep

Staring over the edge
he feels the pull
stretches his hand forth

He sees his reflection
beneath it, movement
withdraws his hand in terror
stumbles backwards

His heel catches on a coil of rope
down he tumbles, arms flailing

He lifts his voice in alarm

It’s coming
this he knows with certainty

Sunken city
a sleeping queen
lurks within the
darkness of Elder Seas

Her will is the dreaming thing
the angler of the deep
the glowing barb
that lures the sailor
to his final feast

Her head is bowed
over the brazier
in the dungeon of her keep

It ever-burns, a fumarole
to warm the sleeping queen

Woe be to the forgetful
this beast must also eat

Soon, over the brazier
will turn her sodden
sailor meat

tara caribou & cg tenpenny | ©️2019

Please go check out tenpenny over at Molten Poetry. He writes incredible s-o-c poetry which is always so evocative and gripping.

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