Little Reminders

Fading out
Sterilized and bleached
Shelved and labeled
Photographs yellowing
Slip from distracted fingertips
Rivers dried leave sandy beds
Words quiver then still
History becomes history
Novelty, routine
No longer special
Or unique
Not a glowing star
Illumination dimming
The truth hurts
But at least it is
The Truth
Little reminders of who I really am

tara caribou | ©️2019

13 Comments on “Little Reminders

  1. You had me, but then you wrote “Rivers dried leave sandy beds” and that really resonated – where I live, near what is said to be the oldest river on this planet, the rivers are sandy beds most of the time – it rarely rains, rain is a gift and the rivers become torrents, and then they are a memory … dry, dusty, but with so much soul. We camp in river beds, and there is still life, but of a kind many never experience.
    The truth does hurt, but the truth is the easiest thing to defend – trust, honour, faith (in something) – values, who we really are. The smallest reminder is all we need, because ultimately we know our truth no matter what others think …

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    • I agree completely. And that’s just the type of river I was envisioning, so thank you for sharing that with me.


  2. This was well written, and beautiful in its own right, but also painful to read. While I can relate to this in ways, as I’m sure many can, I have to ask… are we defined by our relationships with others and how they view us? Because, although I am quite certain that I’ve faded from people’s memories, and am no longer unique and special to them, it doesn’t really remind me of who I am. It’s more of a reminder on what they don’t have. Not to sound conceited, lol. But, you know what I mean.

    This was very thought provoking, Tara.

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    • I do, in fact, understand what you’re saying. My thought process was that I am reminded of who I am to them, not who I am as a person and to myself. If that makes sense. Thanks so much for reading.

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