Sunshine in my Pocket

I carry sunshine in my pocket,
the same place I keep memories of you.

It’s raining here, outside,
so slipping my rainbow-stained fingers within,
I touch the radiating heat of you.

My defenses melt away
with every glimpse of your beaming heart
and gentle eyes.

Those same defenses
that my tears had put in place.

Now I’ve got tear-stains on my sleeves
and bruises across my heart.

Stitches along my knuckles
leave memory shadows upon my cheek.

Yes, there’s sunshine in my pocket,
a shining treasure that I pull out
on those dark rainy evenings
when I hide myself away,
tucked back in the corner of my closet.

It’s silent here and
that’s when I remember your voice best.

That’s when I come alive and breathe.

tara caribou | ©2020

Read this and more like it in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

33 Comments on “Sunshine in my Pocket

    • Thanks Spirit. Sometimes all the noise needs to be filtered out through time and space, allowing memories (or realities) to come forth and live again in full color.

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  1. I was watching Ice road truckers last night, one of my favorite Alaskan shows!


  2. Have I ever told you that your imagery and metaphors are amazing? Yes, I am pretty sure I have said that before… But just in case you forgot, they are truly incredible.

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  3. Wow, this one was not only beautiful, but also an extremely touching piece. I really like the image of keeping memories and seeing them as a bit of sunshine in one’s pocket. And, the bit about it being silent and remembering the voice the best… yeah, that is beyond beautiful.

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      • It was special, because it was special to you. I’ve found that often people respond more to the more erotic pieces and perhaps they don’t know how to respond to those that come from the heart instead. This was beautiful in many ways and you should be proud of it. This one, and the one previous, are two of my favorites by you.

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  4. This is beautiful, I love it.

    Rainbow stained fingers . . . Reminds me of a drunken night I once spent with two pixies and a unicorn. I’m banned from Neverland. Permanently.

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  5. Oh, you are brilliant, Tara. Seriously. I LOVE this one so much.

    Those same defenses
    that my tears had put in place.

    ^ My favourite lines of the whole piece. 🙂

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    • Thank you Tony!! I actually happen to like this one too (for once lol). I so very much appreciate you reading (and commenting). It means the world.

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