Take your assumptions…

Hey. Fuck you.
Yeah, you.
That’s right, I said it.
Fuck. You.
Don’t like my art?
Don’t look at it.
Don’t like my words?
Don’t read them.
Think I’m here to steal your man/lover/etc?
Fuck you.
You don’t know me.
You know nothing, NOTHING about me.
Take your assumptions somewhere else.
You don’t know my needs or desires.
You don’t know my reasons.
Don’t gossip or complain about me.
Fuck you.
Don’t like me?
No one said you had to.
No one is making you read this.
Don’t try to tell me who I can be friends with.
Stop your online stalking.
It’s creepy.
Fuck you.
There’s not a goddamn person who knows me.
Least of all, you.
Take your crazy, paranoid, jealous shit elsewhere.
So fuck you.
Yeah, YOU.
Yeah, I went there.
Yeah, I said it right here.
Now fuck off.

I’m sorry if this offends you, you who this is not aimed at. What has happened to us as a society? No boundaries. So PC and yet hateful feeling safe behind our screens to say/do whatever we want. Well fuck some people because I’m a fucking person too with feelings and emotions and a heart prone to love. I’m sick and tired of these crazy motherfuckers (oh yes, there’s more than one) who regularly stalk my pages and then bitch to someone else about me. Why not just email or text me about the issues you have with me? Cowards. You know, if I don’t like someone’s stuff, I just don’t read it. Problem EASILY solved. Cowards thinking they know me. Guess what. They don’t. I’m an artist. This isn’t my online journal sharing all the bits and pieces of my personal life. This is my creative outlet. I won’t apologize for my art. I won’t apologize for having a couple online friends (mutual or otherwise).

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  1. I swear there are so many people who would *never* have the balls to confront a person like this in person. People know that they have the safety of their keyboards and monitors and can unleash in any way possible. I get this on occasion, and I have to be honest – it does bother me. There’s this one ‘happily married’ guy that trashes me, but not by name, for ‘flirting’ with married women. Then, I see him flirting on ‘adult’ blogs. Such a fucking charlatan.

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    • Right! You get it, Rob. It DOES bother me and I wish it didn’t. I’m nobody. I don’t hold power over anyone. Nor am I on the hunt. I don’t get it. These people don’t think through to the consequences of their words. I’m a person with feelings. I would never treat another person the way I have been on multiple occasions (in Internet-land OR real life). And what makes this harder is that several of these women follow many of the same blogs as I do and I see them chatting ever so friendly with you and other bloggers and it just shoves the knife deeper in my heart and I find myself commenting less for fear that one of them might attack again, thinking I’m infringing (on what, I don’t know).


  2. Oh my god I remember when I was on Twitter and this girl started subtweeting me about how much of a dumb hypocrite I actually was. And I’m just like, if you have a problem with me, just talk it through with me. Don’t hide behind your follower count like a coward.

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  3. Yes. This. First off, I’m sorry that you’ve got an immature boy is messing with you. While I don’t have people hating me like this person is to you, I get it and I am sorry that you have to deal with it. (I tend to get the white collar racial inequality hating). None-the-less, the sheer energy that comes from exclaiming a good “Fuck you” towards someone that just doesn’t get it is incredible. Ah…many more thoughts…you’re awesome. Period. Happy Friday!

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      • Thank you for caring and for bravely sharing these uncomfortable moments. You asked in your footnote, “What has happened to us as a society?” Getting away with being ugly is the issue. Calling people on it and sharing it like you did builds back up the society we deserve and desire.

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  4. Hi. I really like this. And I agree with you. I’m here to make art. Friends are just icing on the cake. I am dealing with a similar issue. Not the same but similar. Would it be okay if I share or reblog? I’m not sure of the difference. But I would like to share your words.

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    • Yes. You can reblog or share, either way. I’d be honored.

      What I really don’t like is these people who think I cannot be friends with people who happen to be men without it being sexual. Drives me crazy. I don’t have women friends. All my real friends are men. It has always been this way for me… and then here come these women with their assumptions and they start talking shit about me like they know me. It’s hurtful and I’m just so tired of it.

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      • I am honored and thank you, I have enjoyed reading your writing and agree that relationships between men and women can be dicey. To say the least. Best of luck with that. I have my issues with that subject as well. I’ve enjoyed reading your work

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  5. In the wonderful words of Madonna, ‘Express yourself, don’t repress yourself’. Never apologies for being you or putting your art out there. It’s always good being divisive anyway, know you’re hitting both markers.
    Keep doing what you’re here to do, no apologies.
    And on that note:

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        • Then this ship might be goin’ down lol
          But really, I do try to let hard words wash over me, unaffected. I’m not always successful.


        • It’s hard not to when you’re human. But as long as the wounds are ephemeral, we can move on to something else. It’s when they bury deep that they begin to infect. I’m surprised there are people who don’t like your work personally, but even if there are; you can never please everyone and we should never try. You are baring your soul, and that for you if enough. What people do with that is up to them. I like how our little community is respectful and encouraging…but we mustn’t begin to fear the oursiders hehe. Chin up, and typing fingers in motion…for tomorrow is another day.

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        • Thanks Mark. That was just what I needed to read today. I don’t expect everyone (or anyone) to like my work. But I do expect to be treated like a thinking, feeling human being. There have been a few instances where I’m viewed/treated like a cougar. I’m not a cougar. I’m a badger… as evidenced by this post. But I do appreciate what you’ve said here. More than you could know. Thank you. So very much.


        • You’re welcome, people like to label things as it allows them to implement levels of control. Best just to be, and turn down the negative. Glad you were able to vent in your work though!

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  7. Good for you my lovely friend. I’ve got to a point where I post what I want, when I want and couldn’t give a shit about likes / followers / comments anymore. I’ve had people tell me my art is ‘basic’ and doesn’t mean anything and it really used to upset me but now I just think ‘Fuck You’ . My art means EVERYTHING and if wasn’t for my art or my blog I don’t know where I’d be right now.
    Fortunately for me the people who know the real reasons are still here and that’s all that matters now.
    Much love coming your way from the small island 💕💕💕

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    • Thanks S. As a side note, I can’t believe anyone would say that about your art… oh, wait.. that’s right. Some people can really suck. Well, I happen to think what you do is really cool. I am always so astonished how you can do alllll those lines so perfect freehand. That is just mind-blowing to me. Also, it has been such an honor to follow you on your journey these last few years. You were one of my very first followers and here you are, still actually following along. I am so humbled by that. Thank you, friend! Let us just keep doing us.


  8. Wow! Totally unexpected and honestly this is FUN. Thank you for bringing some clarity to life. Sometimes you just need to say it

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    • Thanks Nathan. I sat on this for a couple months before I finally decided to post it. I’m honestly surprised how many people have related. I thought I’d lose a bunch of followers because of it. 🤷🏼‍♀️


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