The Birth of the New Moon

One dark and clear winter night, as I beheld the moon hanging precariously above the tree line, I stretched forth my hand and plucked it right from the sky.

The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t a sphere as we’d been told. No, it was more like a wheel of cheese. I used it to scoop a generous amount of snow from a drift ‘neath my window.

As it appeared delightful and rare, I placed the entire morsel upon my tongue, letting it sit a moment savoring its precious uniqueness before slowly chewing them both and swallowing.

The second thing I noticed was that it wasn’t bland as I assumed it would be. No, rather it was delectably sweet, like honey with citrus. I smiled and sucked any remaining bits from my fingertips.

The moon rested easily, gently within my belly. It held a cooling, yet comforting, sensation. I gazed back into the night sky, now a star-filled chasm devoid of its magnificent sister’s light.

I felt both unease and contentment. I was filled and happy. Yet the great expanse above my head seemed empty and colder than before. A sense of loss filled my heart.

Many days later, after my belly had swelled until it seemed it would burst with the slightest touch, I found myself out in the night air once again. Squatting in the dirt, panting and moaning, I labored until with a final shout, I birthed a million tiny stars, and one bright beautiful sister.

tara caribou | ©2019

28 Comments on “The Birth of the New Moon

    • It’s definitely a creation piece. And while I would describe it as “weird”…. I am always curious as to what the reader takes away from it. Often I am quite cryptic in my meanings and the comments really lend a lot of insight (to me) as to where a certain person is at, emotionally and otherwise. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read (and comment!) 💕

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  1. I am so intrigued by it! This unexpectedly delicious moon that you savoured, licked clean from your fingers, and then mourned it’s absence in the sky….
    “I felt both unease and contentment. I was filled and happy. Yet the great expanse above my head seemed empty and colder than before. A sense of loss filled my heart.”
    You were sated physically, yet empty and yearning emotionally. Like carnal love that doesn’t fill a void. Or a comment on the human tendency to consume but never actually fill the emptiness of their psyche. But, then the whole situation leads to a birth or a rebirth, of self, of another, of…………

    I love it! I love the mystery, I could keep pondering….

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  2. This reads like a old fable, a passed down folklore of the unique and magical. I love that last line. I also like the self projection of the reader and author, a nice dance between the two.
    Thank you for the sweet lunar madness.

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    • Yes. To me, as I wrote it, it felt like a newish old verbal folklore. But I could see the drawings in my mind, too. Thanks for the love, Mark.


      • Ah yes, i would love to see the artwork for this (brain.copy.print) These posts lend well to self created artwork. But i liked the piece on its own too, and its old/new vibes.

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