Don’t Let Them

Come on, girl
Don’t let them see you’re hurting
Don’t let them see
The pain in your eyes

Smile when you’d rather cry
Say you’re okay
When you’d rather say you’re dying
Don’t look them in the eye
Be vague

Can’t let them know your anguish
Your broken heart
Your innermost feelings
Cry in the dark
In your closet alone
When you step out in the light
Hold your head up

They don’t really care to know
When they ask how you are
It’s politeness not honesty
They’re seeking

Emptiness inside

Yes, don’t let them leave you again
If they know the truth
They’ll leave so
Smile with platitudes
Eyes cast down
So they can’t read you

Let’s talk shallow
Don’t dig too deep
Don’t make waves
Don’t make them uncomfortable
Laugh louder

Sink deeper within so
A shell is all they see
Protect yourself
Cry later
Hold on, girl

You’ve heard that line before
That he cares deeply
Actions speak louder than print on a page

Will he lift your chin
Force you to gaze into his eyes
Will he read the truth of you
Will he kiss all the hurt away
I think we both know that answer

He won’t place a finger beneath your chin
And if he does
He won’t look deep within
And if he does
He won’t see the truth
And if he does
He’ll reject all that you are
With pity in his brown eyes
Better to keep your space

Surround yourself with walls
Of shallow lies for protection
Wipe the tears from your voice
Keep smiling
Keep walking
Keep writing

And most of all
Don’t let them see

tara caribou | ©2020

Find this and more in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising, which tells the story of a lonely woman who falls in love, is betrayed, and then picks up the pieces left behind. There’s deep emptiness, the first tendrils of love, fiery hot romance, scathing hurt, and tender forgiveness.

34 Comments on “Don’t Let Them

  1. I hate feeling that way… Hiding inside is hard too. You write emotions well. Just so you know, If I ever ask you. “How are you?” I am one of those people who really want to know! 😉

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    • I fight myself. Sometimes I hold it all in because most people are so shallow and self-centered they don’t really want to help. Then there are times when I say, fuck it, and I tell people the truth. And they can’t handle it. And I know they can’t because they stop reaching out and they stop asking. Then I feel isolated and lonely again and I go back to holding it in. Vicious cycle.
      Thank you for your comment. It means the world.


  2. This gave all the feels. I was thinking about this the other day. When people ask “how are you?” they don’t want the truth, they just want you to quickly and politely respond, “good thanks, and you?” And if you were to be honest it would be needy or whiny or some other nonsense. I prefer real conversations. Real connections. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Yes. Exactly. I’ve noticed how many people don’t really listen to what you say. Like I will simple say, “hello” and they’ll respond, “good thanks”. The worst, for me, are those who interrupt or talk over me. Because then I know I am so unimportant that they can’t even let me finish my sentence. Like you said, I only want real connections and real conversations… but it’s hard to find someone willing to give of themselves long enough to do that.
      Thank you for reading and your comments.

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      • You are most welcome! Thank you for replying and creating.
        You are so right. I find most conversations are just people waiting for their turn to speak. Social Media is a perfect representation of most human contact. People just yelling their thoughts at others. No listening.

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        • It does seem that way, yes. I generally don’t do social media because it’s a lot of lies and propaganda and shallow relationships. I don’t mind a difference of opinion but I believe in having open, honest discussion/debate without hatred coming in to it. Like you said, no listening. So there’s that, plus, I don’t have many friends so… what’s the point LOL.

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        • I have one close “in person” friend (but we don’t speak via SM) and everyone else is someone I have either met on Instagram or on WP. And the social media friends know me better than most of my family.
          I completely agree that the majority of SM is hatful and shallow but it is also possible to connect genuinely with real people. Like all things, I guess it has pros and cons.
          Take right now for example. We have made a genuine connection, via a social platform because of your amazing art.

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        • Yes. I do like the folks here on WP and have had nothing but good experiences and I’ve made a couple genuine friends this way. Instagram also a few.
          Thank you for the very kind compliment. My art is my outlet, like so many of us.

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        • You are very welcome. I look forward to more of your work.


  3. *wipes away your tears*
    It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. The thing you should realize is that if you look around, there are always people who’ll be happy to listen to you.
    And I’m not saying this out of courtesy, but if you ever need someone to talk to about anything, my inbox is always open. If I won’t be able to help you out, at least you can lighten the load off your chest by confiding in someone else.
    Happy healing X

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  4. i remember writing a poem once titled ‘Sure I’m Okay’ because that’s what I say to persons when they ask how I’m doing… it’s what I believe they want to hear… no one ever really wants to know the pain inside… so I just smile and say “I’m ok… I’m fine’ truth be told I’m probably dying inside

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    • I think a lot of us can relate. I don’t exactly lie when people ask. I mean, yeah, I doing okay or alright. But I could be so much better… happier… etc. I’m not doing great or wonderful. But I am… just: okay.

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  5. i used to live in a cooperative with “progressive” people. it claimed to be family friendly. i moved in with my two small boys who were a handful. there were times when i was visibly struggling with them, crying, amid my “community” & everyone would just look the other direction.
    i wear my feelings on my face & in my body language. i find that most people will look the other way.
    the louder i become, the more they close their eyes.
    i long to find a true community of people who actually want to see & bother to see what is in front of them. ❤
    (thoughts provoked by you words)

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  6. Albeit I relate to where this stems from as well as why, and correct me if I’m wrong but friendship is really only friendship if its…honest, right?
    Which now begs the question; are you veiling your inner most reality because you expect my trust to remain blind or because you simply don’t trust my friendship can empathize enough to really care for and about…you?

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  7. hiding everything seems so much easier, so much simpler, with the added feeling i’ll never be betrayed, except every day, every moment, betrayed by myself. the price paid … simple often costs dearly …

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  8. Sometimes, these words you write will catch people’s breath, and their hearts, with things they might have resisted seeing in your eyes.

    They are good words.

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