Book Review – Until She Sings

Until She Sings by M B Blissett

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I read this book via my e-reader. This is an unsolicited review.

What I Loved:

Reading romance is not my typical genre. Not to say I haven’t read plenty. But I find that the story is always the same and frankly the quality nowadays (especially within self-publishing) is sadly lacking.

That said, this story is not your typical modern romance. Does it have sex? Yes. (And it does get a little kinky, but not ridiculously so.) The storyline doesn’t follow the normal: meet, insta-attraction, best sex ever, misunderstanding that breaks them apart for a whole, make-up, happily-ever-after. You know the drill. This isn’t like that.

The hero is your average guy. Not overly emotional but not alpha. The heroine is also your average, relatable woman. She’s honest about her feelings, trying to make a poor relationship work, finally realizing it’s doomed and then slowly moving on. She grows up quite a bit, but not completely, throughout the book.

I also was very happy to see not a single grammatical or spelling error. It was such a breathe of fresh air especially in this genre. Great editing and flow.

What I Didn’t:

The only thing I didn’t care for was really my own fault. I did not realize this was a romance when I picked it up. Again, not my favorite genre. But I want to support my fellow Indie authors and I’ve been reading Matt’s blog for years. So… I should say, there was nothing I didn’t like, for what it is.

My Favorite Bits:

I suppose my favorite part is that the main character is an occasional pot-smoker without being your typical musician party-girl. So the parts she got stoned, (I want to say it was three times) were kind of funny.

I also liked the easy-going dynamic between the two lovers. It was definitely sweet. And you know me, I love love.

My Overall Score:

5 stars

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5 Comments on “Book Review – Until She Sings

  1. How is it that you didn’t know it was a romance?
    There is a girl with a guitar and pink letters on the cover.
    However, now that I took a second look… this cover could pass for a murder mystery. The girl kills her victims with guitar strings after they come to hear her sing.


    • Haha. I bought this book only because I have followed Matt’s blog for years and like his poetry and short stories. Especially his short stories. They aren’t ever romance stories though. Some are dark and some are fantastical or science fiction. Always with twists I don’t expect. And always well-written. I guess I just assumed the book would be something like his short stories.

      As for the cover, well it seems most romance books are pretty predictable. Seems like they always have a mostly naked completely ripped man on them. Very cliche. So to me, this didn’t scream “romance” only that it was about a woman musician.

      But that’s me.

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