You Don’t Know Me!

I was having a conversation with someone who claims to “know me”…. let’s just say the score wasn’t very high.

Flower – dandelion
Animal – orca
Smell – lavender
Drink – water with lemon
Food – pumpkin
Season – autumn
Sounds – rain and the ocean
Constellation – Orion esp the Orion Nebula
Time of day – sunset to sunrise
Pastimes – sleeping, reading, daydreaming
Inside place – near a fireplace
Outside place – beach
Genre – hard science fiction
Holiday – Thanksgiving

Pet peeves:
Unapologetic assholes
Wet feet
Lack of compassion
Waste (time, energy, space, etc)

Deep thinker
Crunchy neo-hippie

Did I miss anything?? comment, I’ll add it! Go on and ask…

40 Comments on “You Don’t Know Me!

    • Yeesss!!! 💕
      Color depends on what/how it’s used… so I always say I don’t have a favorite color… though yellow makes me pretty happy. And pink. And black… green, purple… see what I mean?? I’m not a fan of blue… except when looking at the sky or the ocean. lol


  1. I feel like you purposely tried to include my best traits in your pet peeves list. That’s cool. From now on any Tara in my stories will step in something wet while wearing socks. Two can play this game.

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    • You’re a bad, bad man, Mike. Evil, really…

      In my mind, I was showing you affection by using the term “pet”…


  2. This is such a fun post. I learnt quite a few things.

    Okay lemme see how well I know you. Tell me if I’m right.

    Favourite colour- Blue
    Favourite song – Closer by The Chainsmokers or Thunder by Imagine Dragons
    Favourite Indian food – Aloo Saag
    Favourite weed – Homegrown
    Favourite poet – Helena on WordPress (This is wild guess! And she’s one of my favourites too!)
    Favourite triplet – Either me or Emje (I can’t decide!)
    Favourite sea food – Salmon??
    Favourite meat – Beef
    Favourite actor – Joaquin Phoenix or Sean Penn or Amy Adams
    Favourite sci-fi soap opera – Star Wars

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    • Ohmygoodness no Nitin LOL
      Color and song… I don’t have an answer… though I do love both of those songs
      gosh Indian food – definitely that or chicken jeera… or jalfrezi… don’t make me pick!! Aloo Saag… yes, you’re right I think
      Weed – yes of course 😉
      Poet – I can’t pick!
      Seafood – hhhmmm salmon is good, but probably clams more so… but that’s a shellfish so maybe doesn’t count in this discussion
      Meat – well I’m a poultry eater mostly, but I prefer CARIBOU, elk, deer, buffalo, over beef in terms of red meat
      Actor – hmmm I’ve never thought about it… but I am partial to Clint Eastwood, Steve Martin, Brad Pitt, Patrick Stewart, Tom Selleck…
      sci-fi soap opera – you’re killin’ me! I am not a fan of Star Wars at all and I consider it fantasy more than science fiction. Now Star TREK on the other hand, yes, especially the older series, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

      You had to go and ask all the hard, unanswerable questions!!! LOL This made me laugh though! 💕

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      • Dating sites are high maintenance in my view, in particular for writers. I tended to do the due diligent in responding, then found it to be repeatitive garbage. I ran out of words to reply perhaps i have smaller vocabulary. They drained me in memory. I had never found myself talking truck loads of small talk elsewhere. This is purely my own experience. Just saying it is hard work and I gave up before any fruit. 🙃🤪

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  3. Used to think about things like this sometimes when I was a bit younger, but now I tend to see them more as a moveable feast. Some things stay (hate for injustice, or music that shaped my thinking), but mostly I find that little remains the same. Perhaps I’m getting old!

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      • Ok. So, music and literature have always been important, so albums like Joy Division’s ‘Closer’ do rank as favourites as they influenced who I am (I suppose), even though I don’t often listen to it/them these days. I like the album ‘Marks to Prove it’ by The Maccabees, but nothing else that they have done moves me, so I couldn’t say that they were a favourite band. And this, really, is my point – sometimes ‘one-offs’ catch me and may be imortant for a while and either stay or fade.
        When I was at college I had a great tutor who I still remember who switched me on to William Blake. I think that it was his passion and enthusiasm that re-ignited my love of language which had wained after I first left school. I like nature (but you can keep spiders) and all seasons – depends more on who’s around. So I think that ‘favourites’ will, for me, always be linked more with people and experiences than anything more definable. Cx

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        • Yes, I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Certainly there are things I could not put a “favorite” sticker on, as it just depends on other factors. But “on the whole” is where I think I’m coming from when I say “favorite”.

          Are there days or times I’ll drink coffee over water? Yes absolutely. But OVERALL I prefer water with lemon over anything else. AND that has been consistent for me since I was a young girl. I’m talking 7 or 8 when I realized that I loved it. Whereas coffee, per my example, I’ve gone years without drinking it and then I will drink it again and enjoy it for a time and then I’m done again.

          For me, learning (and sharing) these little “quirks” about a person can humanize one another and maybe we have shared interests or exact opposites which I have found can really spark some great conversations (or debate!) so for that, I like to do this every once in a while.

          Love and light.

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        • I agree regarding conversational points, and yes, such things certainly do work in helping to begin and stimulate relationships. If pushed I could create a list (and good coffee would be on it) – I guess it all comes down to the angle from which you approach this.
          And, point proved, it’s got us talking!

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    • Ha! Caribou is my favorite North American land mammal… which.. I’m told, is oddly specific. (Also, as an omnivore… my favorite meat, non-poultry-wise.)

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      • That is quite specific, although there’s nothing wrong with that! Yum! I don’t think I have had caribou. I do love elk, which I imagine is similar?

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        • Yes, similar. It’s the tundra they are eating and it’s quite tasty. Some places call them reindeer. Although in stores you usually see it mixed with pork (which I can’t eat) and sometimes beef. But reindeer sausage is a popular thing up here. For me… I just like the unadulterated caribou meat. 😋

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        • I will have to keep my eyes peeled for any that might pop up in my local stores! Although this is being somewhat hopeful on my part since I live so far from tundra of any sort lol.

          I also meant to ask, since you like hard sci-fi, if you have read any of the books in the Ringworld series by Larry Niven? Just curious.

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        • I sure have… well, no. I’ve read the original Ringworld by him. Also The Integral Trees. I think that I generally prefer UK authors over US. Peter F Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds…. though I do love Frank Herbert and Orson Scott Card, Peter Watts, oh yeah I can give a list of really incredible hard science fiction books that are must-read lol

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        • Give me your number one must read and I’ll put it on my list if I haven’t read it! The Mad Puppeteer is actually a reference to the character Nessus from the original Ringworld. Fun fact about Robert lol. Anyway, it’s a great genre! I admire the authors that can not only create amazing narratives/characters, but are also geniuses when it comes to science and physics.

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