Tarot (meet me at the carnival pt 1)

Purple and black-striped canvas tent

Worn on the edges, patches here and there

Outside smells like dog piss

But inside it smells like incense

And the thighs of a curvy woman

There are crystals and magic 8

An indifferent dark cat curled on a shelf

Sounds of nature intermixed with the didgeridoo

Her nails are trim, painted deep purple

A religious symbol for her

Each and every trinket and it’s placement

Her eye, squinting, looking within

Sees until you squirm

“Tonight you die” could mean any number of things

Fortunes for the unfortunate

tara caribou | ©2020

24 Comments on “Tarot (meet me at the carnival pt 1)

    • Haha! Well, dogs gotta pee too. I was trying to evoke an image. Not of piss necessarily, but of a tent (and to that extent, the person inside) having been at this for quite some time, all the shows, the towns, the years, traveling around.

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    • I see multiple meanings here….
      1) she could be a fraud who says vague ‘fortunes’ so in their ambiguity they could mean anything the listener wants to hear.
      2) she may only see parts and pieces and must remain vague
      3) it might mean physical death, or the death of a deeply held belief that changes a person’s perspective and thereby their old self ‘dies’, or something in that light.

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  1. Ohhhh that dust bowl carnival mystique… the descriptions jump out at you, and their scarcity (or rather the brief eye kicks embedded here) paint a vivid picture of a dilapidated fortune teller’s tent. You can just feel the magic in the air, the smell of dust and dirt, sweat and sex and the arcane laid on top of the mundane for a moment’s escape.

    In short, yesssssssssss, MORE. MORE, I SAY!

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  3. Wonderful scene setting to open up. And this part I just am very drawn to: ““Tonight you die” could mean any number of things”. That’s incredible work.

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