Illusions (meet me at the carnival pt 3)

Crooked bow tie and wild hair

A table that hides nothing

Conjuring spellbinding trickery

Cards vanish while coins come into view

Sleight of hand since he was eight

A slick box of tricks

Illusions and allusions

Follow his hands carefully

Always looking in the wrong place

Once lost a wife he never could make reappear

He recalls her laughter

Always wishes to hear it from the crowd

Any volunteers, how about you?

Flaming marshmallow went wickedly wrong

Some tricks are best left alone

tara caribou | ©2020

19 Comments on “Illusions (meet me at the carnival pt 3)

  1. Huh, see my interpretation wasn’t just that it was tragic, but that she died in a fire caused by a stray marshmellow that he was instrumental in setting to the task by trying to perform a trick with it… maybe intentionally, so that’s why he regrets it so much. But excellent poem here! I’m starting to doubt my own carnival concept, just so you know… these are so good.

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    • LOL – no. That wasn’t what I intended. I pictured him in the act of his craft thinking about her, then continuing on, asking for a volunteer. For the marshmallow trick that goes horribly wrong. Actually there’s a story behind that….


        • Hahaha! At the fair this summer there was a magician and I was told by one of the roving medics (a neighbor of mine) that apparently he did this flaming marshmallow trick and somehow it ended up getting stuck to some kid’s forehead and marshmallows being what marshmallows are… they couldn’t just scrape it off or get it to stop burning… poor traumatized kid!! and he had second-degree burns on his forehead…. and the guy was banned from doing anything with fire at the fair any longer LOL. Entertaining small-town story but a bummer for the kid and the magician hahaha!!

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        • See I thought there was a story there, ‘cause the marshmallow was oddly specific. Poor kid, though. I don’t think he will be roasting marshmallows anytime soon after that!

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