Fair Weather Friend

You know the one
Always there when the sun shines
And when you find five bucks on the sidewalk

The first time you mention
The creeping sadness in your heart
Magic disappearance act

How are you? they ask
I’m feeling a bit depressed, you reply
. . .

Crickets chirp
You can hear your plants growing
You sigh

(At least I do, anyway)

Another lonely day
Without the much-needed connection

Right when you need it most

tara caribou | ©2020

11 Comments on “Fair Weather Friend

  1. Trouble is, I think – and I appreciate that every situation is unique – unless you’ve been there no- one can truly relate. Hopefully the more we educate the more we will be able to understand and support one another.

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    • I agree about relating. The thing is, you don’t have to relate to someone fully to still remain sympathetic or empathetic. Some of the best “therapy” I’ve ever had comes in the form of 1) a person sitting in silence next to me and 2) a person listening. You don’t have to understand or relate to a person’s pain to still help carry the load. To let them know, hey you aren’t alone.

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      • True, and yes, silence from someone close can be a powerful way to help. What I was trying to get across was that these days, when ‘Mental Health’ is a bit of a buzz word (I don’t know if you use this term your side of the water) is that either people have been scared into avoiding trying to help or they have been convinced that they know the best way to ‘solve someone’s issues’ without necessarily appreciating the complexity of the issues. To find someone who understands you as a person means the world.

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  2. The kind of friends nobody really needs. A true friend doesn’t care about the weather. They are just there! Always when they can be.

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  3. Ah, friendship, sometimes such a fragile space, almost crystalline, given my propensity to rush in, to listen and embrace and not always seeing the gloating – how did I become a prize for you to pin to your ragged walls? Again.

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