One Word At A Time

And so we begin this affair of the soul-blown heart. Words written long ago, long before the meaning was fully known.

Embedded now in flesh that once was stone we rise and seek its very taste.

Its gentle ways caressing, lighting the path before us.

Illuminating hidden signs like a beautiful star kissing the precious night.

With one breath, one glance, one whisper: truth eternal.

Beyond all reason remaining is a flicker to the hope within this candle.

Polar opposites romanticized a tomorrow very much as one whole.

Morning light streaming through like only our eyes were meant to see,

Meant to be it seems like our hearts unified to one heart poetically beating, two? one?

Instead it’s eternity blinking from the star-twinkles seen in my blue eyes, dark blue night skies shimmering.

The true beauty of truly one love gently whispers, whispers, calls; crying out: I see you!

You see me? One soul eternally. Got the lock and the key to that stargate leading to pure ecstasy.

Do those sighs in your eyes mean you believe what you see? Or is it with your third eye wide open you notice me?

For its dreams and memories that pave the way, paved in gold with a taste of our twist of fate.

With a distant kiss we take away each other’s breath, breathing in stardust and earth ash.

Far away kisses that awaken new life to breathe inside, one word at a time: mind, body, and soul.

tara caribou + john graser | ©2020

This was another collaboration that John and I did…. but different than any other I’ve done before in that we attempted to finish each other’s sentences. So you don’t know who started or who ended. Just a mish-mash of thoughts. I rather like how it turned out.

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