To get the ink flowing, sating the creative in me
I could share a tale of how constellations
First have to combine over the cosmos in a way that forms an image,
Drawing the best of my imagination;
But – as always – I’d be getting ahead of myself,
After all, to begin writing,
I’d need not look further than anything around me.

Really, the first thing I do
Is look inside myself while I’m looking out
Sure, the world around me
Provides excellent inspiration,
Both good and dark,
But if I’m honest with myself
(And I have to be, to write)
It’s the inner things,
My thoughts and experiences,
That I really draw upon.

… And draw upon them I do
With such fiendish precision.
Thoughts and feelings curating,
Procedurally generating …
Art, straight from the heart.

These thoughts, ideas, and emotions
Swirling and mixing inside me
Come pouring out in rivulets and swells.
They appear as nouns and axioms,
Run-on sentences and adverbs,
Semi-colons and hyperbole.
There are no rules, only the need
To release.

O.D. + tara caribou | ©2020

finally! A collaboration with O.D. at originaldante.

14 Comments on “Creative

  1. Very cool ending. “There are no rules, only the need / To release.” Love the idea of different thinking patterns, because you can either look inside-out or outside-in. This is another fantastic collaboration. Well done!

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  2. “I’d need not look further than anything around me.” This. Spurred so many current thoughts. For some that are close to me, watching me “create” leaves them feeling ignored and under appreciated. While it’s never intentional, the need to get something out of my soul can at time supersede eating, sleeping, or communicating with others. When I finally emerge from this creative outpouring, I reengage with the world and share what I’ve created. Most of the time, those that feel ignored are the ones that benefit the most from what I’ve created.

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    • I’ve experienced the same sort of thing. Creativity both gives and takes. I think as long as there is a healthy balance, we’re good.

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  3. Such incredible poetry here. Poetry is all around us and you just proved it. Love the simplicity and elegance in your words!

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