No Impact

Engulfed in the fury of forest fire intent
Insulted, you fear me; my force inspires lament
Descent to the flames you wage war and char
Conventional games your aim’s poor not far
Reaching beseeching me to douse your mistake
Bleaching decreasing thee to mouse fed to snake
In the wake of your destruction; your function ceases
You behaved in ways rambunctious, corrupted fetus:

Crushed by the waves of desperation and lies
Hatred and jealousy like a wall of water rises, rises
Venomous spray of salty brine disguises
Upheaval of misconstrued misperceptions
Build up, building, built to overspilling
Connections shattering under the weight
But wait, you still won’t listen to my truth
Still your tsunami of emerald rage washes right over me:

Gale force gust thrust upon your planes of monotony
Hailstorm concussed; turn on your reign of atrocities
Velocity strong, ineffective, prolonged expectoration
Ferocity gone, it’s defective, withdrawn articulation
Change the station, hype built without the evidence
Strangulation, trite skills and lacking relevance
Exodus of your nebulous ways; rains continue to rinse
Pestilence off, your emphasis fades; brains continue to wince:

Rumble, then grumble, hold it in, then explode
Lies and trickery now ooze out your throat
Burn! melt! destroy! all in your way
Air choking with ash you’ve been spouting all day
Spitting fire and brimstone like Vesuvius’ bastard
It’s ‘run for your lives!’ or burn the shirt off my back and
You’re a one-trick pony unable to pick up or move
An impotent mass of molten stone gone cool:

David “micon_dmc” + tara caribou | ©2020

An intense collaboration between myself and my friend David over on Instagram. Follow him at @micon_dmc

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