The Consequences of Being Emotional

the blackening, a holding back
a build-up to future betrayals
lines covering over whispers of a heart
the twisting of realities
the lighting of one lamp
while calling it by another name
the shift of dirt-caked fingers
first here then there
the pulling of an ear and wringing of hands
the smirk while watching a tumble
the seduction of a gilded tongue
fantasies made memories
the filling in of all the empty spaces
with meltaway sugar cubes
the throwing of a wrist across a brow
oh woe! woe! a thousand woes!
the trembling lip but catch the glint
of sharpened steel behind the shoulder blades
the poison of doubt dealt disgustingly easily
the bricks stacking on bricks
stacking on bricks, stacking on bri—
the casual lift of a shoulder
bowling right over moving lips…

but it’s all been said before

I believed every word you spoke until I understood the truth of it all. You said what needed to be said to twist me into your form. Now I’m laying next to a stranger and I’m not quite sure what my next move should be. The scales fell from my eyes yet I’ve a tether around my ankle. I was gifted with sight. Now please, let me lift my wings.

tara caribou | ©2020

26 Comments on “The Consequences of Being Emotional

  1. “The lighting of one lamp while calling it by another name” and the last paragraph wow…scales falling,still tethered….the consequences indeed.

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  2. Flows like instructions, if only there were an undo to the pain.
    Hard to unfold the heart and know you welcome in the light and the dark. Such havoc and consequence…..

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  3. That’s powerful stuff: “You said what needed to be said to twist me into your form.” And then like how you kind shifted to paragraph form from poetry there as the narrator was transforming as well. This is fantastic art. The repetition of “brick stacking” was a nice touch as well.

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  4. A heartfelt poem, an expression that needed to explode on paper. It is amazing that first there is sight, first we have to come out of denial. Then the work begins. Let our wings take us far away from the pain or the stain we hadn’t seen. I hope your better, if this was from your personal experience.

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