Put The Work In

Be willing to put the hard work into yourself. Look at your own actions and thoughts with a clear mind. Forgiveness is hard work. Being honest with yourself is hard work. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard work. Admitting You Were Wrong is hard work. Change. Growth. Relationships. Silence… it’s all hard work. All of it.

We have become so incredibly lazy as humans. We want it all handed to us. Let someone else do the thinking for us. Let someone else educate the children. Let someone else make the tough decisions. Let someone else speak up for morality. Let someone else clean up after our own mess.

But “Who am I to judge?” you say. Who are you? Who ARE you??? You are a human being!! With thoughts and feelings and a soul and spirit, a heart, a brain, and an innate moral compass. You KNOW what is right and wrong. Don’t let someone else tell you what is good or bad. You already know. You are a higher being than mere flesh and bones. And so am I. And so are they. Judgement comes from critical thinking. Analysis. Judging right from wrong is not the ultimate evil that has been ingrained in we the people.

Throw away the machines of power and politics. Throw away passivity. Throw away evil. Throw off laziness. Throw off excuses. Throw off neutrality. Turn away from those who incite wrath. Turn away from those who enslave your mind and your heart and your thoughts. Turn away from the old you of yesterday.

Rise up! Walk in the moment! Forgive! Forgive! Forgive again! Open your eyes! Allow your mind to be transformed from the hypnosis you are under. Wake up! Work hard! Fall down, get up. Get dirty! Change your heart. Change your mind. Wash yourself and be clean. Give love freely, without stipulations. And allow yourself to be loved in turn.

tara caribou | ©2020

23 Comments on “Put The Work In

  1. “Fall down, get up. Get dirty!” love this. All too often we judge others and feel judged when we are picking ourselves up off the ground. It’s all in the attempt to thrive, learn, and progress…things that should be supported and celebrated.

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  2. Absolutely Tara, if only we could cross the ever widening river named apathy – and I openly admit to being stranded on the wrong shore far too often.

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    • You know, I think we all become apathetic, disillusioned, and desensitized. But recognizing that and crossing back over the river and continuing on the journey is also still part of the journey. May we always keep our hearts and minds open to personal growth and soul-change.

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  3. The Work is what life is about. If you are not doing it… then you’re already dying. And yes to forgiveness. Forgiving self is always the hardest but the most worth the effort. Beautiful… like you. ❤❤❤

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    • Thanks Goldie. I figured I would get a bunch of blow-back from it and sat on it for a bit but decided, it needs to be said, even just as a reminder.

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    • Thanks Mark. Especially these days, it seems. All the turmoil and strife and downright hatred. May we continue, always ever looking upward and onward.

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  4. One of the most beautiful & powerful posts I’ve ever read….it’s needless to say that I do agree all the way….I’m going to print this & hang it on my wall….thank you for such a spiritual sharing, Tara ❤️

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  5. You had me until you said get dirty… I’m interest in the gains… but getting dirty?… shiver… next you are going to tell me to eat healthy and work out?… I’d rather be the dirt than be covered in it… thank you…

    Sadly give me more and more and more is the way of the world… no longer a hope… but a shared reality… if there has been one positive thing about this pandemic… I think it is the reality check for most… not all… but most… that. you get what you get… unless you want to do something yourself… what we got is all there is… No one is stopping you from raising a cow… cutting it up… and eating it… It is a convenience not a right…

    Though as we slide back into “normal”… whatever that means… I am starting to see more and more people forgetting this lesson… oddly it is a lot of the older people… seems it is harder to go back to the way it was as apposed to the way it is now…

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