memories of you,
images in ink and sighs,
sift through the pages of my mind

a soft breeze fluttering,
a sharp gust, and I remember you:
your smile as you stroked my cheek,
the sun streaming through my hair,
my own smile reflected in your brown eyes

turn the page

and I woke to your strong hands
gentle and rough
I want to live in these moments forever

bookmarks and dog-ears,
you filled all the empty places in me
I learned to breathe

my fingers slide along the edges of my heart
papercuts of memory
they draw out tears instead of blood

my heart aches in my chest
I’m afraid I’ve faded from your mind
that I’ve been placed on a different shelf

I was worn out and well-read
but did you see the cream-colored spaces
between the carefully crafted script?

they say they know me
but they know what I want them to know
you, I felt,
saw past the vulnerability that hid
all my innermost truths

I think I was wrong,
when I really think about it,
you looked deeply but still didn’t see me

and the result is me
pulling down this well-worn tome,
turning yellowed pages,
blowing dust off these memories

me laying in your arms

tara caribou | ©2021

Read this and more in my poetry book, Four or more like it in Fallen Star Rising.

44 Comments on “Papercuts

  1. Gorgeously penned! Wow. I’m definitely coming back to read again. Thank you for sharing!! 😊🌸 ~Kelsey

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  2. “you looked deeply but still didn’t see me”….Tara I have recently taken to just liking instead of commenting, your writing is so raw and gentle and soulful and real that I have run out of expletives to describe your work.

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    • Ohhh! Thank you! Your comment has brightened my day. Thank you so very much for reading and commenting! Truly, I appreciate that.


  3. I really liked the metaphor of papercuts, like just in the act of “reading” you’re risking the feeling of pain. Beautiful and raw, as always.

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  4. This is quite beautifully written, Tara, with an exquisite blend of love, loss and longing – with the sting being never look to deeply because there is only disappointment lurking in the corners.

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