Shadowfell (A Collaboration)

through the damp wood
dim and heavy,
humid with the tears
of Danu’s children
from ere they dwelt
in their mounds,
where betwixt and ‘tween
the misty veils
lies a fortress forbidding
bare and stark
built of
black mud,
river boulder,
bone and feather

in single file dressed
all alike,
black robed and solemn,
walk the pathway
climb the tower
up the stairway
‘round cold bricks about my heart
*tight, so tight, i cannot breathe!*
worms trying to
shatter those stones
reshape my world, theirs


‘neath the soul’s window
on the ledge
there stands a raven
black and dark
her feathers silky
beak so sharp
eyes that glitter
in the night

upon stairs tread
by boots of traitors
line they then
of one accord
first the one
and then the other
bend a knee
lift arcane stave
as one voice
murmur dark curses
known only to those
across the vales

all at once
with sudden vigor
raven surges upon her wings
takes to air
caws and cries
an eerie shouting
a dismal spell all her own

to their horror
and great amazement
notice they,
the twelve of cloak,
within her claw
she holds a blade of silver
etched with runes
they cannot bear

rending these speckled sill
maggot interlopers asunder,
them vying for a premature seat
at the funeral feast

tara caribou + Michael Raven | ©2021

I really enjoyed writing this piece with Michael. He’s very inspiring and easy to work with. I hope you enjoy it. Art by me.

24 Comments on “Shadowfell (A Collaboration)

  1. Thank you for collaborating with me on this. I’ve enjoyed our conversations and banter tremendously and look forward to the possibility of working together in the future.

    PS – all the good parts are Tara’s. 😉

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  2. Love the art! The collaboration is so seamless. I loved every bit of it but the ending:

    “rending these speckled sill
    maggot interlopers asunder,
    them vying for a premature seat
    at the funeral feast”

    Damn, man! Epic.

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    • Thanks OD!! I liked writing with Michael. Very intuitive and seamless and I didn’t even have to say anything, he just seemed to know. Super impressed. I know, I know… I like writing with everyone! 😌

      I’ve been thinking about sharing more of my creativity on here than just my writing. I do all sorts of art too. I don’t know. That’s why I’m doing weekly photo posts.

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  4. Wow, the visuals in this are so vivid. The art at the beginning is beautiful too- love the red! I’d love you to share more art. You’re so multi talented!

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  5. I like the play on raven and the co-author’s last name.
    The graphic is neat; the tree branches, heart, and arteries. Great composition.
    Probably because of my latest post, I see this piece as a commentary on what’s going on with humanity. Dark, yet filled with light.

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