Lavender and Frankincense

As his lips devoured her silky skin
All he could taste was
Lavender and frankincense

As his hands gripped her soft flesh
All he could touch was
Damp earth and cloudy skies

As his knees spread her thighs wide
All he could see was
Glistening petals of honey divine

As his voice guided her willing body
All he could hear was
Rolling thunder and howling winds

As his body claimed her entire being
All he could imagine was
Crashing waves and molten volcanoes

As his arms protected her sleeping form
All he could sense was
Warm sunshine on falling snow

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

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45 Comments on “Lavender and Frankincense

  1. This made me shudder, Tara, in both its beauty and eroticism – not to mention the feeling of getting in touch with what truly matters and connecting with Nature.

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  2. Wonderful!
    I have to say that the title really drew me in. Quite distinct and enticing scents.
    Beautifully crafted piece. I liked the involvement of different senses and the natural imagery.

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