your tongue writes grace
upon my thighs
your teeth show (no) mercy
but they teach me patience

though I’m dripping nectar
as drops of dew cling
to my swollen petals

hold my wrists firmly and I
find stillness and peace
for I conquer time
every moment I look into your eyes

fuck me roughly
don’t spare your rod for
my pale flesh quivers
red stripes
from your fingernails and palms

moans and whimpers and curses
become my creation language
speaking in tongues
and hallelujahs

I learned a new color today
it smelled like your skin and
tasted like creamy salty bliss

my glistening tongue rests
upon my parted lips
and I groan
in anticipation of you there

come pollinate my fertile imagination
while I gush inked rivers of love
upon the pages of this journal

author my faith
for I am your true believer

tara caribou | ©2019-2021

Read more like this in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

37 Comments on “Devout

  1. Okay, we’ve talked about this. I suspect that your poetry is a major cause of global warming. We are all melting out here! 😊😊

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  2. “hold my wrists firmly and I
find stillness and peace…”
    Tara your words are what I look forward to experiencing every day 🖤

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  3. Tara, you have a way of stimulating the imagination. Your physical terms regarding feeling are exquisite. I am totally “taken in”. Please do not change.

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  4. This is as beautiful as it is sexy. My favorite lines: “for I conquer time
    every moment I look into your eyes”
    Wonderfully done!

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  5. So I am immersed in the exquisiteness of your words and the experience they create, picking up some lines here and there to repeat and highlight …the concluding line simply stunning,
    author my faith
    for I am your true believer
    I now have to repeat the whole poem, and not any few lines!!!

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