Piece of Sh*t

Today he told me
I was a worthless piece of shit
And maybe he’s right
Perhaps I’m not worthy
Of his time or energy
But I can make great Indian food
And some people pay for my ink and art
Plus I’m decent in bed…. I think…
I don’t know, I’ve never had complaints
In any of those areas
So, maybe I’m not worthless
But I’m still a piece of shit regardless

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

But then he said I was a Beautiful Soul, so…

45 Comments on “Piece of Sh*t

  1. You are who you want to be. Not what someone else labels you. You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life, beautiful xxx

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  2. He’s a piece of shit for calling you that. Retreat to your art and dump the bastard is my advice. You don’t need negativity and control.

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  3. Nah, Caribou, don’t listen to that none sense… someone who can’t respect you and says things like that to you is a piece of shit themselves 💯

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  5. I like how these poems are tied together, Tara. Plus (and hopefully I know you a bit through your writing) you are a talented, creative and passionate person who always wants to reach out and affect others positively.
    PLUS when we feel like we are worthless we don’t need anyone else to tell us because we are honest and astute enough to realise this.
    PLUS (although it is nice to hear) we don’t need the validation of others to know our worth.
    So there!

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    • Yes. That’s just it, isn’t it? Sometimes… and I think especially in these last 30, and particularly 15-20 years, we have a tendency to put too much value in the faceless names behind the screen. May we take the time for proper introspection and evaluation through clear eyes, rather than the eyes of others. Their perspectives can be valuable, but shouldn’t be the defining grade.

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    • Somewhat based on a true story… mostly. Okay, yeah.. it’s all true 🙄 I was just so taken back at the time because I had never had anyone say that to me before… which got me thinking. Am I? Don’t I have *some* redeeming qualities?? Then the next day… the whole tune changed. I don’t know. People are funny like that.

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  6. I find that often the worst things people say to us, it reflects whoever is saying them. Whoever said this to you, their words are 💩

    I hope all is well and I am so sorry that someone said that to you. You are a wonderful, brilliant writer and through our interactions, a very kind and perceptive person. Do not let them define you. From what they said, they are merely defining themselves and their worth, and you know what that is? They’re shit through and through.

    Hugs, Tara. ❤️❤️


    • Hi Lucy, your comment went into my spam folder for some reason… I just saw this. With your kind comment, I want to respond now. This event happened several years ago, I was thinking two years but looked at the date and it was actually three years ago. So it’s long done and gone, but was something I was just thinking about again recently. Anyway, thank you for being so nice. I am quite happy and satisfied with where I’m at nowadays. Hugs always accepted and cherished, though.

      I do agree that often folks say things because they recognize something in themselves. It’s unfortunate and I think far too many of us (if we were honest with ourselves) are guilty of it.

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  7. I love the way you go at things, Dear! Ha! Not hardly what your title says! Perhaps, you should adopt one of the mottos I like and keep – “Not everyone likes you, but Not everyone matters!!” or “You just need to realize – Some people are not worthy of your time!” I’m hoping this is not your reality, Dear! If so, I’m sorry but think of this question I never found a good answer for – “Why would you want to be with someone who isn’t “In Love” with You?”. I think life is too short to waste it with someone isn’t “In Love” with You. Just my opinion, My Dear!

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    • Oh absolutely. I was married for twenty years and came to that same conclusion myself at the end. I realized, why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t respect or care about me in the way I need? Certainly we had a love based on knowing someone for so long… and we do remain friends… but like you said, life is short.

      This poem and its pair is not my current reality, though it was a little over three years ago. I have since grown a lot as a person and not in the same place I was emotionally and mentally, thank goodness.

      I appreciate the kind words!

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      • Oh, so glad to hear this is historical. Still, history is something we can learn from. Yes, I understand what you are saying. You can still love someone but not want to live with them!! So happy to know you are growing in the one you choose! Bravo!!

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    • Thanks Jay! I think when it came down to the nuts and bolts, we just misunderstood each other and he’s big on assuming things. But I’m not entirely without blame. I’m moody as fuck.

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  8. Indian food and good sex. These are some amazing qualities!

    God, I’m craving a Paneer Korma now. Thanks.

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