Your words are silk threads
coursing along my skin.
I shiver.
I purr.

I beckon you closer.

Hold me.
Kiss me.
Move me.

Your words are rain drops
flowing through my fingers.
I shudder.
I hum.

Whispering, pull me in.

Hold me.
Kiss me.
Know me.

Your words are an ocean breeze
flooding my pores.

I gasp.
I moan.

I cry out, love me!

Hold me.
Kiss me.
Devour me.

Your words:
——arouse me

tara caribou | ©2021

37 Comments on “Words

    • Oh Chris! Thank you so much 💕

      Also, I’ve been taking my time reading your book… it’s so beautiful, from the very first piece, wow. 💕

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      • Firstly you are welcome! And, on the book front, it means so much that (a) purchased it in the first place and (b) (and this is far more important) that you are enjoying it: I guess one never really knows how one’s work is being received, so this means everything. Thank you.

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        • I had ordered it right away but then the whole box came damaged and I had to wait for them to read my ticket and then send it out again… well, it’s here and you can be sure I’ll be writing a review. I am so so SO delighted to have your book, Chris. You’re one of my very favorite writers.

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        • I’m sorry that you had issues with delivery – it’s not a problem that is unique to the US I can assure you! I am both humbled and delighted by your comments, Tara. Again you have my thanks.

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        • With lulu I have never had issues with delivery, though twice I had issues with printing quality (ink smears). They are quick and easy to deal with though, in my experience.

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  1. I too have been swept away like this once or twice. Word are so powerful. One the mind is engaged, the body will follow. This is beautiful

    Liked by 2 people

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