dark empty spaces
cold and alone
ancient radio waves and static
time is meaningless
out amongst the stars

moving, drawn forward
or is it backward
a satellite, a comet
orbiting far and wide
but always drawn to you

I keep my face ever towards you
shine on me
the only good thing I have
smallest touch of heat, light

I’m pulled in
the center of my universe
you don’t need me but
I sure as hell need you

the most perfect shining gem
I’ve ever seen
and I’ve seen a lot out here
countless lights to follow
I chose you

oh, how your gravity holds me
a willing, captive audience
here I am, orbiting you
ordinary space dust
wishing you would tug me
all the way inside your burning heart

I want to be made a part of you
not stay out here in the cold wastes
forever alone and
always looking toward you

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

Read more like this in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

56 Comments on “Satellite

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s so romantic. So beautiful, so passionate, so devoted, so…. *sigh* If I had a dollar for every time you caused me for to melt, Tara Caribou. I could afford a pretty good wet and dry vacuum to suck myself back up off the floor.

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    • This is one of the very very best comments I have ever had said to me in all my days of reading comments. You just made me very very happy and smile-y and giggly (if I giggled, that is).

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  2. Oh, golly. Now I’m all giggly and grinning all over my face. And blushing so. Oh my goodness. You could set me up in a lighthouse and guide shipping by the vibrancy of my glow.

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  3. This has a beautiful sense of longing and love, yet I can’t help picking up on the idea that we are all solitary satellites hoping to be sucked in – even momentarily – into the orbit of another as we search for love.

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    • It sure is! Oh yeah. That’s right… I schedule posts up quite a way ahead so sometimes I forget what’s posting until it does. That’s awesome, because this is along that same line of thinking. Cool.

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  4. Very creative dance with analogies here; great piece! I was particularly fond of this verse:

    “oh, how your gravity holds me
    a willing, captive audience
    here I am, orbiting you
    ordinary space dust
    wishing you would tug me
    all the way inside your burning heart”

    A clever play on words. I would imagine the burning heart to be all-consuming lol passion overload 😉

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  5. Fallen star is such a great expanse for the theme of space, which is so poetic and lends so well to metaphor. Satellites recaptures that interstellar magic. ‘countless lights to follow” indeed, too many precious gems to choose from!

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    • I was thinking about you yesterday and missing you… and here you are!! 💕 I’m glad this inspired you.


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