Expanding Synapses

dreams to reality
I feel your hand brush my hip
and stirring
I realize I can feel you
coursing through my veins
deeper still for
you move along the synapses
of all my nerves

somewhere along the way
you found me
as I lay eyes wide open
in death’s grasp
your lips touched mine
and you breathed out
forcing your air into my lungs
oxygen to a dead heart

I took you deeper inside
pulled you in
my brain slowly
rewired itself around you
old pathways shriveling away
new ones formed around your dna

your fingers
digging in to my side speak
I’m yours
we both know it
there’s no other way
I can’t breathe without you

bite my lip
pour more of yourself into me
use your fingers to delve
into my most hidden parts
curl them and flex them
while my lip bleeds
and our tongues twist together

my every thought is shadowed by you
now talk to me about
science and
mathematic formulas and
as our bodies slide together
slick with want and need and desire
wrists bound by the shackles of your palm
ignite all my senses

I am completely remade in you

tara caribou | ©️2018-2021

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38 Comments on “Expanding Synapses

    • Thanks Stories. I (at least last night when I scheduled it) am actually pleased with the way this one came out. I feel like I actually said what I set out to say.

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  1. Wow. The rawness in this piece is exquisitely captured. “Somewhere along the way/ you found me/ as I lay eyes wide open/ staring/ in death’s grasp” seemed to be the turning point for me… at least, it grabbed my attention and demanded I pay attention. Very well done! Thanks for sharing! 😃 ~Kelsey

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  2. I found this erotic, and I’m not even a scientist or a mathematician. Keep them coming, Tara.

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  3. Breathtaking lines….from twisting of tongue to the science & mathematics twist….how interesting….

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  4. this truly is that almost ineffable feeling that you feel below the skin when someone touches you so much it resonates every single part of you, limbs, organs, the very cells of your blood that is almost and probably is primal for sure x

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  5. I love the imagery of a lifeless doll being filled with air and reborn again. I enjoy how you stage your pieces – step by step, we get deeper.
    The only thing is that I feel like the first stanza should come later because you talk about synapses in the brain and THEN you say you pulled him in deeper…

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