Dreams Eternal

Dreams, only dreams,
Carry me away
Become my realities
If I sleep, and you don’t
Or you sleep, while I wake
Is one better than the other?

I dream vivid dreams
Waking dreams
Dreams eternal

I dream for both of us
Living dreams
Dreams for sharing

I dream of you and me
Lovely dreams
Dreams of passion

I live there
Within my dreams
Longing, hopeful, eyes shining
Want me to share one?
Just one, with you?

In my dream, I see us
Hands bound with a strip of white
My left to your right
As we face one another
Standing on a beach
Wind whipping my hair about
Eyes only for you, for me
I’ve never felt more complete
Your heart is nearly bursting
And as we speak our hearts
I know this is only the beginning
Our beginning
Our dream come true

Can you see it?
Listen closely
Can you hear our words?

Take these dreams
Tear open your breast
Push them deep inside
Sew your flesh back up

Now my dreams become our dreams
While I sleep,
And you lie awake
(Or is it me whose eyes are open?)

Tell me,
Would like me to dream more
Dreams, only dreams,
For us to see, together?

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

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29 Comments on “Dreams Eternal

  1. I really like the way you wrote this. It’s interesting how our dreams can be so vivid and real and when we try to tell someone else about it, it never comes across as intensely as it was for us. I guess perhaps that is why they are “our” dreams.

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  2. What a beautiful dream that was.
    I always thought it would be cool if multiple people could dream the same dream at the same time. But then I realized that we all see the world just a little bit differently, which means that the dream would have to be different, too.

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    • That’s a great point, Goldie! I hadn’t thought about it like that before. I think the thing is we are always wanting to share our personal experiences with others, because we don’t want to be alone, ultimately. So we share art and photos and dreams and even trivial stuff. But yeah it’s true that each person is going to experience it through their own perspective.

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