What’s Real, Though?

in the far reaches
in the arid desert \of the soul/
a whipping wind rises and falls
moving grains of sand with little effort
hardly barren
there is life -though sparse-
which takes refuge

here or there
a lone cry rises in the ear of a desert fox kit
and suddenly
we know we aren’t so very alone
listen closely
and you hear the distant dry lightning
and the clacking of a beetles legs tapping
carapace and sand
carapace and sand

what you won’t hear are eagles wings
or a creek sloshing with salmon
or the wolves running down the caribou calf
either way
it’s barren yet lush
quiet solitude and teeming with life

neither will you hear
the sounds of specialized ringtones
nor gasoline-powered
nor a voice or the thump-thump-thump of bass
no hedge funds or secret meetings
high heels or whispered threats

watch//listen//and learn
there are lessons everywhere
but you won’t find them
on a screen
not the real ones
not reality

get up
get out
take your shoes off
look to the heavens
and breathe

tara caribou | ©2021

24 Comments on “What’s Real, Though?

  1. for me, look not just to the heavens, look to your horizons, and look to your feet …
    the song remains the same – let go of everything that filters out reality, let go of the things that stifle our raw emotion, let go of the things that numb our genuine thoughts. be brave enough to feel what is real.
    not sure if that’s what you meant, but its what i felt …

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    • You nailed it.
      Originally when I wrote this, I did in fact include horizon (big-picture), the ground (earth), and macro (internal), but felt it was too wordy. You got the point with just the one (heavens/sky/creation)!

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      • i’m ok with wordy. but sometimes its a treat or a tease to let people work out what is going on, usually for themselves (myself …). sometimes i feel it is what is needed to let people interpret something less detailed , in their own context. i speak of my own experience. the confusion of the current world is a place where this kind of writing brings its own importance and value. myself, i find incredible solace in the reflections of others who write in a way i can relate and in a way i can feel free to interpret against my own feelings. this was another such, at a time when i needed it …

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  2. “Mysticism teaches that there is wisdom inaccessible to the intellect” is a quote I found resonating with me as I read your piece.

    There is wisdom in taking a moment to pay attention to things we aren’t conditioned to pay attention to. Reconnecting with nature etc. In moments like that, you connect to a level of wisdom no academic or language can put into words.

    Genius, Tara. Well done ❤

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  3. Shoes off most of last week, walking wide expanses of North East Yorkshire beaches, no screens, books of an evening, a glass of wine (or two) – back now in South East England, up a hill above the Thames, reading you and River, beyond the screen, the feeling of your words.

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    • That’s awesome Eric! I’m a barefooter myself most of the time, even in winter (I don’t like things on my feet). What a great way to connect to nature! The beach-air. The sand/dirt. What a gift!

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  4. The use of \/ in the first stanza and the // in the second to last threw me off a bit. Is there any particular reason you went with those or did it just feel right for you?

    The photo kept my attention away from the word 😉 Beautifully deep.

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    • There are times I want to be visually artistic as well as with the words themselves. I allow the reader to “read in” whatever meaning they’d like with symbols, though I do attempt to lead them in a certain direction. I’m sorry this one doesn’t quite hit the spot for you! I really appreciate your honesty, Goldie, it helps me as an artist and creator. 💕

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      • Phew. I was worried that it would come across negative. Thank you for taking it the way you did.

        Writing/art is very subjective, and as you can see from the comments, plenty of people enjoyed this one 🙂

        Stay golden!

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        • The only time I don’t like comments from real people (versus robots) is when they are outright rude or if they are just commenting to try to get me and my readers to read their site.

          As you said, art is subjective! It’s one of the things I love about it.

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  5. You’re not wrong… but have you seen the line up they got over at discovery+ (not a sponsor)?… I’m half way through a forensic science degree… and I still got seasons to burn… maybe I should go outside…

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    • Yes, you should 😌 I don’t have TV so I don’t knows what’s on… I’m okay with that. Quite happy, really.


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