Spiral Artist

I was flying amongst the clouds
Floating and one with the salty sea air
The breezes ruffling my feathers
The sun upon my wings and my beak

Turning my head
First one eye then the other
I spied from high above the oceans swells
Something spreading
Across the water’s surface

It was black and shiny
Rainbow colors moving and pulsing

Drawn to its dark beauty I
Tucked my wings and descended
A spiral artist as I circled gently down

Drawing close
I stretched forth my webbed feet
Dropping down with a wet plop

You were beautiful from afar
But when I touched you
You clung to my feathers
You covered my skin and my beak
You stung my eyes

I couldn’t preen
Without your oil soaking into me

Still I kept trying and now look at me
Black oil smeared all over
Floundering in the slick that is you

I’ll drown soon
Because there’s no way
I’ll ever fly again

tara caribou | ©2018-2021 revised

*please remember, this work has nothing to do with or about or towards the blogger mentioned, simply that I used their blog name/title/tagline as a writing prompt.

33 Comments on “Spiral Artist

      • I know. I believe you. I haven’t seen it. But I can only imagine how fucking shit that is. For you. I’ve never had anything so awful happen to me or around me in this lifetime memory.

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        • The really fucked up thing is all the blow-back from Fukushima and yet mainstream media refuses to report on it. A couple years the beaches here were covered in thousands of dead sea birds. Lots of dead whales. Almost all the starfish are dead or mutated. Pretty much no more clams here. The ocean is so fucked up now….. don’t get me started.


        • The ocean scares me. I mean I love it! But.. there are things that are meant to stay in the sea and they’re not going to stay there much longer with the rate people fuck everything up. I’m ashamed to be people

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        • Kalliope is such a cool eh… what do you call these days? A handle? Anyways, I just wanted to say that 😀


        • Yeah I think it’s called a handle? But I totally want to thank you for your inspired complimentary comment. Thanks Jo, whoever you are 🙂


  1. #^_^#

    Now that we have the blushing out of the way (this should be obvious that I am honored and flattered and happy and squeeing still): first off, thank you so so much I LOVE THIS.

    Second: I love the storytelling aspect – I do say you do storytelling in poetry format very well, and this was no exception (if anything, it was exceptionally well done.) The imagery is impeccable (as always) and the way you illustrate a seemingly-colorful and enticing surface hiding the murky depths of a monstrous apparition… chills, Tara. I got chills.

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    • I was in a dark “I’m writing three scathing self-loathing poems at one time” kind of a mood. The spiral artist was designed to paint her as beautiful and artistic and free-flying to contrast with the deceptive cloying suffocating nature of the oil slick.

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  2. Thought provoking. It’s like a reverse Icarus situation — at least that’s how I chose to interpret it.

    Very striking imagery too. With a lovely photograph to boot. You incorporated the prompt with tact and nuance. Being a “spiral artist” called to adventure — adventure that runs in tandem with risk and danger.

    Danger to what? I suppose that’s up to the reader’s interpretation. I felt it as an analogy to my own depression.

    Well done, Tara ⭐️

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    • For me, I wrote this with two different perspectives in mind. I wasn’t sure I’d pull it off, but judging by responses, I’d say so. That’s one thing I love about art. I get to view it through your (anyone else’s) eyes. I find I learn just as much from my readers as I did in the experience itself.

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