My lips burn to say the words
I love you

It almost doesn’t seem fair
Dragging you down to me

See you’re wonderful
Not perfect but you’re simply you

And I contaminate you with my filth
My sins and my darkness

I’m selfish
I want you

But if you’re pure light
I’m tar
Enslaving covering
Sucking you down into my depths
Marring you

If you step in to my heart
You’ll never be cleansed of me again

I’ll infect you with my decay
Pollute you with my impurity
Defile you with my foulness

And yet even so my lips continue to seethe
Tingling and tormented
With the longing to tell you

Just how much I love you

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

51 Comments on “Pollution

  1. That ‘Pollution’ could be discerned as purifying by that other person.

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    • hhmmm… I guess it could be. I’m not sure how tar could purify. I think it gums things up and ruins everything.


  2. This feeling… I sadly know all too well. Sometimes I feel like I have too much baggage for anyone to handle and so I don’t allow anyone to really get too close to me. I think it’s my way of shielding myself from disappointment… fear of getting attached, only to lose it.

    I may be reading this wrong, but your words made me think of this feeling. Another beautifully written piece, Tara. 😊

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  3. High tier poetry right here. ✨

    I love how you conceptualized the entire experience. I felt like an observer the entire time.

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    • I actually do! In fact, it’s my desire to be “infected” with purity and goodness!! That’s part of the aim in sharing this piece, Goldie. To perhaps stimulate minds into viewing it from a new perspective.

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  4. I’ve decided that instead of me being a be recipient of a poem like this ever again I want to be on this side. I want to be with a man I find so pure so above me that I don’t feel worthy. Because I’ve never felt that and I’m sure it’s out there. Lol

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  5. Very well written and evocative as per usual Tara. I bet if you self published a poetry book it would be well accepted. You are really consistently good

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    • Thanks, I have two published books. I’m very proud of them, though, of course, they have mixed reviews. I’m okay with that because I was true to myself when I created them. Thanks for stopping by! 💕


      • Hey, send me a link if love to support you and I’d be honored to have a book. Any chance at all to get a copy of each signed?

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        • Sure, I can ship signed copies within the US. You can either visit my Etsy page or the website for a signed copy or if you don’t want a signed copy, I distribute through lulu.



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