Transactional Interactions

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I’m not a commodity and my responses are legitimate and honest. My name is tara and I’m a real live human with thoughts and feelings. F*ck the robots. I crave true interaction. Others to learn and grow with. To laugh and sigh. To care. To be invested in.

Leave the shallowness to the rain puddles.

tara caribou | ©2022

**also, not looking for an online “relationship” except friendship and camaraderie

21 Comments on “Transactional Interactions

  1. Absolutely, Tara – quality over quantity always, and honest, with all its potential pain, is always best.
    I hope that, if something has riled you, that you are OK.

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    • Nope! I was having a conversation with a fellow writer who used to use the IG platform and we talked about this, interactions as transactions. The way that most folks don’t read or “like” genuinely but in hopes of getting a “like” back in turn. I’ve noticed this, when I don’t have time (or internet) to be able to comment on other’s posts, I notice my own “likes” go way way down. So it’s a transaction. If I “like” and comment, then they will “like” and comment. It’s a transaction. Not genuine.

      Definitely it’s not always like this. I have had some really great conversations over the years (with you included, of course) and THOSE are the ones I am sharing with.

      Would I like more genuine followers? Absolutely. But I’d rather genuine than transaction followers any day. There’s been no “one action” which brought this up, only something I was thinking about again a couple days ago. I’m doing great. It’s winter and I have baby bunnies to watch grow every day 😍 It doesn’t get a whole lot better, Chris! 💕 I hope you’re doing well.

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      • And I’m delighted to hear that! Like yourself I would love to be able to reach more genuine readers whom hopefully my words will touch, or at least they can find meaning in, but all often find myself with several ‘transaction’ likes. When I receive a ‘like’ I always visit the ‘liker’s’ site to check out what they post; my assumption being that if they enjoyed something that I have written we might be more or less on the same page, and it would be interesting to get their take. Often, however, they aren’t even on the same book and, because I don’t leave copious amounts of ‘likes’ they never darken my door again! Worse still are the likers who are trying to sell something and have clearly no interest in my writing. Oh, and those who manage to read and like 38 posts in 2 minutes!
        That being said I am grateful for the genuine people that I have met and for the inspiration, new viewpoints and pleasure that I have gained from them. Yes, perhaps I should comment more often and in more depth, but life is busy and, truth be told, I can be a bit of a lazy bugger!
        Lovely to hear that all is going well your end – we had about 5 minutes of snow as temperatures here are all over the place (it was 13C on Saturday and 2C by Tuesday) what with that and the ultra bright streetlights that are becoming the norm here, nature doesn’t know which way to turn. Imaging eleven pm, mid-winter, walking the dog and hearing birds singing. Bizarre!
        I’m doing OK, thanks. Went into hospital a couple of weeks ago for an op which the anesthetist cancelled because my resting heart rate was too low (OK, so 35 is a little slow, but I have no symptoms like fainting etc). Blood tests and more waiting!
        Enough of that…sounds like I’m moaning!
        Take care


    • Absolutely. I did Facebook for a minute and it was 1000x worse than IG even lol. I use IG 60% for the art and artists and 35% ….I will dub “other” so as to not unduly rile anyone with different beliefs than me… and maybe 5% poetry. So the transactions there are definitely different than here.

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  2. Shallow ponds are found at most social media sites, IMHO. I’ve had deeper conversations with people I’ve met through WordPress than elsewhere (including IRL).

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    • I agree wholeheartedly. I “met” my best real true friend online and we’ve been friends for years. Also met some scoundrels. I just try to be real with people and hope some of that is reciprocated.

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  3. Very well said Tara, my friend…I’m on the same page…which is quite opposite of the word – fake…real interaction isn’t some copy / paste…drinking coffee as I write this to express 💫

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  4. Ah awesomely said!! In it for the real thing – transactional in the real life brought me to the blog world, cannot stand anything but the genuine here. Utmost gratitude for the friends we make here.

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      • Majority of people are only looking towards the next big shiny thing; and I think that’s a part of the problem. Instant gratification.

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        • True. When getting what you want becomes central, the process becomes trivial. And when the process becomes trivial none of us are in the moment. We’ll interact in a shallow manner because we see anything that doesn’t help us get what we want as purely inconsequential.

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