The Higher Call

He dips his pen into the inkwell. Lifts it carefully, tapping it gently on the edge of the jar before moving back to his paper. His fingertips, forever stained with the heavy black ink, never hesitate.

Not a moment passes where there aren’t thoughts and ideas swirling inside his heart and mind, stories to be told in a few short lines.

There’s a worn wooden clock on the wall ticking away the moments he’ll never see again. His writing quickens. So many things to say. He knows he’ll write until there’s no more strength in his fingers.

Other than the clock, it’s just the scratching of the nib you hear. Periodically punctuated with ejaculations of fury or a sharp bark of laughter.

In the corner sits a worn teddy bear on a three-legged stool. Its soft tan fur now matted and thin. It once held the affections of the little boy who used to sit in the very same place, silently watching his poppa create.

His light brown eyes always observing, absorbing… but he never did learn how to speak. Decades have crawled on since he last sat on that stool while the now-aged man he once watched still writes and writes and writes.

tara caribou | ©2019-2022 revised

27 Comments on “The Higher Call

  1. This is a really intense and evocative scene, Tara. It is easy to visualise the scene but, – and what I feel is more important to me – to get inside your character’s head and understand his need to make himself heard, if only for his own sake. Excellent.

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    • Thanks Chris. I purposely left that out because I wanted the reader to imagine a hundred different things it could be. The outsider looking in. No idea why, just the obvious drive and what once was is now gone with the passionate artist seemingly oblivious to it all.

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    • I had this whole story playing out in my own mind and I wrote the bare minimum of what I saw, in hopes of creating some inspiration or imagination in others. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Simon.

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  2. I always like to imagine the spirit lives on through what we held close. In this case, the lovely teddy 🤗.

    A very touching piece, I got to know more about these character in one sitting than I do some characters in novels lol

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