looking deep
into your beautiful eyes
I am lost
and I am found

I become more than I was before

my body burns for you
with each touch
I crave more
never enough

wrap your arms around me and
hold me tight
let my heart beat with yours
as one
always one

I desire a transfusion of love
some of mine mixed with
some of yours
to become something
altogether new and different

and somehow
more whole and pure
my mind, a whirl
a carousel of
lust and love and thoughts and
emotions and futures and hopes
and possibilities and
laughter and tears

we hold hands and spin
and spin around
all colors and sights and sounds

except our faces
our eyes
our smiles
laughter pouring forth
hold tight so I can’t fly away

let us live within this one moment
for all eternity
me and you
you in me
love divine!

reaching forward
I pull your lips in to mine
brushing softly
foreheads touching

my breath becomes yours and
yours becomes mine
in and out
out and in

I can’t quite figure out
where I end and you begin
but it hardly matters anyway because at least
I have you and
this warm cocoon of our love

tara caribou | ©2022 revised

26 Comments on “Carousel

  1. What a lovely poem! I read somewhere on your blog that you live in rural Alaska. The serenity and peace of being with nature must do a lot to your thoughts.

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  2. Beautiful poem. Lucky couple.
    ‘This warm cocoon of our love’.
    Egg – Caterpillar – Pupa – butterfly.
    Fly fly fly away.

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  3. You are ranging from earthy to cocoon awareness. You seem to be one with the earth, the ocean, the animals,becoming the essence of what gives us life, gives us hope, gives us rest…

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  4. Surrendering it all to the moment, to the experience of giving and receiving love. I wish to experience this one day but I’m so damn stubborn lol

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    • It seems like a constant thing, the giving/receiving. It’s easy to forget or to step back into the familiar or the comfortable. From moment to moment, remembering to release and to love openly and without apology.

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      • What would be the repercussions of having a love subject where people learn the *ahem* fundamentals?


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