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Beautiful Treasure

I’m laying here on the couch, alternating between staring at a poorly decorated Christmas tree and out the window. Nature can’t decide if it wants to rain, freezing rain or snow today. The type of weather that is mildly irritating. The truck is slowly… Continue Reading “Beautiful Treasure”

Ridiculous Beyond Repair

I despise myself, how much I love you. You hold my heart, and perhaps you already know it, though I suspect you don’t. I love you, though I know we could never work out. I love you, though I know you’re worth so much… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Beyond Repair”

I’m Annoyed or maybe just Pissed

Okay. So here’s the thing. I went on to another blogger’s site who occasionally “likes” and reads mine, checking out her site as I do, when I run across a post from a couple days prior which is almost word for word one of… Continue Reading “I’m Annoyed or maybe just Pissed”

7 Days, 7 Photos – Day 1

Although my blog doesn’t include photos. I thought, what the hell, I’ll do this one (again). No people. No explanations. Only black and white. (Even though if I’m honest, which I am, I’ll happily answer questions.)

Lonely Shift

Not long ago, something shifted within me. The desire to write continually floods my soul, my fingers tingle with need. But…. the words I want to say, they seem to fall on deaf ears. Everything I write is shit. I start, stop, start again.… Continue Reading “Lonely Shift”

A Little Different

Why do I want him so much? It almost doesn’t seem fair. Nor healthy. Nor normal. I imagine that other people go through their day-to-day buying groceries, walking the dog, painting pictures, texting their mom, watching Netflix, driving up the coast, checking the speedometer… Continue Reading “A Little Different”


This is going to sound super cheesy but have you ever felt like you waited your whole life to meet somebody, like everything that came before was just preparing you for this one person, not for a single moment but for that one person,… Continue Reading “Fractured”


Even though I know what it does to my heart, still I lay here night after night and morning after morning and all I can think about is you. It’s the words you speak. The look in your eye. I think about our lips… Continue Reading “Barren”

The Peddler

Art Consignments in Ninilchik, Alaska

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