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ANNETTE KALANDROS  is a retired teacher who has been active in the LGBTQ community since the early 80’s when she helped form a Gay and Lesbian theatre company in Baltimore. After finishing college, she settled in Houston, Texas and taught for several districts. Now living in the North Texas area, she is honored to have her work featured in multiple collections.
Blog: aikalandros.com/author/macasanne
Instagram: @kalandrosannette

BRAEDEN MICHAELS is an American author living in beautiful Georgia with his family and his own unique creativity. Within his analytical mind dwell the many passages and corners of a world built by observation, investigative perception, and penetrating rationale. He’s been published in several anthologies as well as his own books of poetry, written in the method of Deconstructive Literature, in which he pulls apart nuances within human nature then organizes and restores it in poetic style. You can read more from him on his website.
Blog: braedenmichaels.com
Instagram: @michaelsbraeden

BRANDON WHITE is a poet, songwriter, proud husband and father of twins from Fort Smith, Arkansas. He has released multiple EPs and albums (all available on your favorite streaming service). White’s work has appeared in several anthologies and has published two poetry collections, The Year That Stole the Light Away, in 2020, and Real Big American Zen, in 2021.
Website: brandonwhitemusicandpoetry.com
Instagram: @brandonwhitemusicandpoetry
Goodreads: goodreads.com/brandonwhitemusicandpoetry

CASSA BASSA China-born Australian poet Jia-Li (Cassa Bassa) works with the disadvantaged people in the community which gives her a special insight into those that suffer. She is constantly inspired by their resilience and strength. An inquisitive writer that was a bit of a misfit as a child, she has blossomed into her writing. Jia-Li’s poetry has been published in the Australian Poetry Journal Volume 8 and The Poets Symphony from Raw Earth Ink. Read more on her blog.
Blog: flickerofthoughts.com

A veteran of the small press, DAN PROVOST‘s poetry has been published both in print and online for many years. He is the author of twelve books. Dan has twice been nominated for the Best of the Net and has read his work throughout the United States. He lives in Berlin, New Hampshire with his wife Laura, and Bichon Frise, Bella.

EMJE MCCARTY inks with bamboo pens and brushes. She likes to experiment with writing and inking graphic novels. Emje journals almost daily. She has published a book of neurotic comics, a tangled book of short stories, a collection of self-portraits and poetry based on an art exhibit titled “the invisible exhibitionist” which is showing in the driftless region of Wisconsin where she lives and raises a horde of anarchists.
Blog: quixoticmama.com
Instagram: @quixoticmama
Goodreads: goodreads.com/emjemccarty

G.M. MANZI is an independent author for fun and grocery store butcher by trade residing in New York’s Capitol District with his loyal pooch Tatty. His hobbies are relaxing on the porch and enjoying the occasional martini. He still has no plans to take up camping. He is not the recipient of any awards or fellowships but this doesn’t stop him from telling himself everyday that the cream always rises eventually. He is the author of “We Lived Like Kings.”.
Instagram: @G.M.theScrivner

HIDDEN BEAR is a Mechoopda poet and author originally from Northern California but currently living in North Carolina. He currently publishes his work on his website with writings about his life and his experience reclaiming the culture of his tribe. Growing up without his traditional culture has been painful but his is using poetry to connect to the culture, art, and spirit of his people. He has published a complete work entitled Moleskine on a Coffee Table and was featured in both The Poets Symphony and Creation and the Cosmos from Raw Earth Ink.
Blog: hiddenbearpoet.com
Instagram: @hiddenbearpoet

J MATTHEW WATERS was born in Rock Island, Illinois in 1961 and grew up across the Mississippi in Davenport, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1984 with a BA in English. You can find his work at Amazon, on his poetry blog, and on Twitter.
Blog: jdubqca.com
Instagram & Twitter: @jdubqca
Goodreads: goodreads.com/jdubqca

Being a twin meant to not only have a mirror to grow up with but also to have an action-packed childhood. JHANJHRI SHAH grew up in India and now is a California native. Her passion for poetry can be traced back to her pre-professional days. Whether as an elementary school student participating in poetry writings or elocution competitions in college years, she has always expressed herself in form of poems. She wrote poems on various subjects for a leading Indian newspaper ‘The Times of India’. Jhanjhri now writes about human feelings swimming around inside the heart, the uphill battle to perseverance and healing, and immense happiness felt by being one with one’s higher self.
Instagram: @jhanjhris

When JOHN A. GRASER attempted writing in 1995, little did he know that he would be writing his previously untold story. His writing is raw, just like he views life even while remaining beyond grateful for the life he has been blessed to see and breathe. He continues to look forward to watching the pages fill in as his unpredictable tomorrows come and go.
Instagram: @jgrayzer33

MICHAEL RAVEN currently resides in the suburbs of the Minneapolis Saint Paul area with too many cats. He wouldn’t mind returning to the NW Coast and opening an espresso bar when he retires so he can try to make the philosopher’s stone equivalent of the perfect shot of espresso.
Website: sceadugenda.com
Instagram: @michaelraven99

PATRICK GILLESPIE lives in Vermont with his wife, dog and cat. A February thaw is melting the brook’s ice and he listens to Schubert. He’s thinking about his own near death experience, at the age of eleven, and wonders if he’ll ever grow tired  of telling the story. He took up carpentry after a Master’s Degree and Children’s Literature, wrote poetry, and founded a blog called Poemshape. He discusses poetry and publishes his own poems there. He’s in his mid-fifties and has cut back on his carpentry and is devoting all his time to writing—more poetry, a third novel, and articles for his blog. He has a writing cabin in his back field. He built it himself. He now lets his grass grow into a field of wildflowers and scythes it himself—summer and fall. It’s a good way to keep fit after writing all day. If he’s not in Vermont, you might him in Berlin, Germany, his place of birth and when not happily in the Green Mountains, the city he loves the most. 
Blog: poemshape.wordpress.com

RACHAEL IKINS lives in a house (she accidentally built) in tiny woods with her animal family. They often walk near a small lake. She loves to ride her bike and to garden. Sometimes there are dragons.
Instagram: @rzikins.author.artist

R.H. ALEXANDER lives in the Twin Cities area and is retired after a thirty-five year career as a newspaper editor and manufacturer’s representative. He is married to Pamela Hill Nettleton, has seven grandchildren, and claims to learn more about truth from them than anywhere and anyone else in these strange days. He has been writing poetry since he was six and his work has been published online and in print by Train River Publishing, The Eve Poetry Group, and Witches ‘N Pink. You can find more of his poems on Instagram.
Instagram: @R.H._Alexander

RAY VAN HORN, JR. is a veteran journalist and author. He spent 16 years covering music and film for outlets such as Blabbermouth, AMP, DVD Review, Metal Maniacs, Noisecreep, and many others. Ray contributed essays to Neil Daniels’ music biographies on Iron Maiden and ZZ Top. Ray’s blog, “The Metal Minute” won Metal Hammer magazine’s “Best Personal Blog” award. Ray wrote NHL game analysis for The Hockey Nut and other sports articles for Kid Shtick. He was a beat reporter and photographer for The Emmitsburg Dispatch and The Northern News and wrote serialized superhero fiction for Cyber Age Adventures and much more. He was the 1999 winner of Quantum Muse’s fiction contest. Ray lives with his fiancée and fellow author, TJ Perkins, in their native state of Maryland.
Website: roadslessertraveled.com

ROBERT “BOB” WERTZLER is retired from almost twenty years in the mental health field both in California and Arizona. There are times the title, “Recovering Therapist,” seemed to fit. In 2006 Bob retired (again) to move to Western North Carolina to help and become the primary care giver for his father who had developed Dementia. Before all that, there was much work at various times as a soldier (US Army), community organizer, cab driver, welfare case worker, wooden toy maker, carpenter, warehouse worker, and other things. He relates to a line in a Grateful Dead song,  “What along, strange trip it’s been.” Bob’s love of poetry has led to his first collection of refrain poetry created in response to other poets. It is both tribute to his passion for poetry, and support of other poets, as well as his own fledgling role as poet.
Blog: cabbagesandkings524.wordpress.com

RYAN DECKARD enjoys writing everything from short stories to poetry to songs. He got his start in 2006 as a journalist for The Courier Leader while still in high school and later for the Tri-City Record. Originally from Michigan, he currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA and recently released his second novel, Passengers, Book 2 in the Tales of Obsedea series.
Instagram: @azraelwriter

TARA CARIBOU is a crunchy neo-hippie who flourishes in the wilds of rural Alaska. Wrestling with OCD-related depression, persistent repetition of thoughts, and constant analysis, she allows her love of nature to drive her inspiration and peace. She has three books of poetry and photographic art published, Fallen Star Rising, Four, and Euphoria in Blue. You can find her writing and creating from the heart barefoot on the beach or deep in the woods. Read more of her work on her website.
Blog: taracaribou.com
Instagram: @tara_caribou

V.R. MCKOY speaks out in bravery against abuse and the resulting rage, vengefulness, and cold rebirth that can assault the victim even long after the abuse has ceased.
Website: hemorrhaging.home.blog
Instagram: @vrmckoy

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