Raw Earth Ink Books by Single Author

Fallen Star Rising

poetry by tara caribou

From the cold inky depths of deep space to the heart of burning stars. From the orbit of silent moons and empty satellites to the evolution of new interplanetary life. Experience loneliness, love, passion, and loss above the horizon of a fallen star now rising.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Etsy. Signed copies available for US residents. Goodreads.

The Year That Stole the Light Away

poetry by Brandon White

A remarkable journey through the depths of grief, heartbreak, and the first awkward footfalls back to a life rendered unrecognizable, yet budding with hope.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle. Signed copies available from the author. Goodreads.

Confusion Perfume and Other Neurotic Comics

adult comics by emje mccarty

Using her dry wit and deep emotions, artist and poet emje mccarty guides us through her inner thought processes while describing the perils of navigating amongst love, life, failed relationships, and parenthood.

Where to buy: in paperback only at lulu and signed copies from the author. Goodreads.


poetry and art by tara caribou

Four. Four seasons. Four elements. Four phases of the moon. Four is the number of humanity in the physical realms and represents the now. Experience what four can be within your own self. View the soul of humanity, by the lens of nature, from a different angle.

Where to buy: in paperback only on lulu or Etsy. Signed copies available to US residents. Goodreads.

Moleskine on a Coffee Table

poetry by Hidden Bear

Resurrecting his archive of poetry written in secret over the span of nearly ten years, Hidden Bear shares the work scribbled in composition books, emails to himself, and a Moleskine notebook he carried all through college. This memorial represents all the different versions of himself and his continuing transformation. Read along as the dreamer dreams, believing he will change the world with words.

Where to buy: Kindle and lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Goodreads.

Tangled Together

a short story collection by emje mccarty

Blurring the lines between real life and fiction, author and artist emje mccarty shares this collection, a dark and humorous tangle of many of the short stories she has written over the years. Stories as reflections of and reactions to her life. Stories to save and to escape. Stories to grow and to breathe. Stories as essence of every day.

Where to buy: lulu and Kindle. Goodreads.

Real Big American Zen

poetry by Brandon White

Brandon’s second poetry collection centering around a world in pandemic, balancing life with chaos.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle. Signed copies available from the author. Goodreads.

Memoirs of an Addicted Mind

poetry by John A. Graser

Hard-hitting and alternative spiritual lyrical works of poetry from John A. Graser in his debut collection.

Where to buy: in paperback only at lulu. Goodreads.

A Fistful of Ponies

poetry by Dan Provost

Poetry veteran Dan Provost offers up gritty, thoughtful poetry allowing us to share in those intimate internal conversations which occur when all seems lost. Dreaming of that almost unobtainable ‘something’ even as it seems to disappear like smoke in the palm of his hand.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle. Goodreads.

Eyes See Soul

poetry by Jhanjhri Shah

Gentle, lyrical, and moving debut poetry collection by Indian-born Jhanjhri Shah. Discover the love and transformation of twin flame love.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle. Goodreads.

The War for Solace

poetry by V.R. McKoy

Author V.R. McKoy speaks out against abuse, and the resulting rage, vengefulness, and cold rebirth that can assault the victim even long after the abuse has ceased.

Where to buy: Kindle and in paperback at lulu, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. Goodreads.

The Witch and the Wish: Tales of Obsedea Book 1

a short story by Ryan Deckard

The mysterious woods. An adventurous boy. A malevolent witch. A wish and a curse. When the defiant young Jacob turns a blind eye to centuries of legends, his fall into peril is inevitable.

Where to buy: lulu, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon and on Kindle. Goodreads.


photography & poetry by J Matthew Waters

Poetry veteran J Matthew Waters chronicles life during and after a massive windstorm, known as a derecho, tears through his hometown in August 2020.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble or signed copies from the author by emailing jdubqca@gmail.com. Available on Kindle. Goodreads.

Growl from the Sun

poetry by Braeden Michaels

Author and poet Braeden Michaels delves into the many-layered political realms in his newest collection, Growl from the Sun. Beginning with his fourteen-page magnum opus of the same name, he confronts and denounces modern society and the politics of the day. No stone is left unturned. There are no sides, no labels, only raw emotion and unbending truth. This gritty selection of poetry is sure to provoke introspection.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble or on Kindle. Goodreads.

Confession from Eden

poetry and prose by R.H. Alexander

Poet R.H. Alexander works through the human condition: love, despair, loss, grief, wistfulness, memory, hope, and will in this collection of poetry and prose. His compilation glimpses through the windows of lives come and gone, of widows and workers, sons and sisters, deadbeats and loners – we all become a part in the tapestry of mankind.

Where to buy: only in paperback at lulu, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Goodreads.

galdr: thought & memory

poetry by Michael Raven

Michael Raven offers his collection of dark poetry, ringing with elements of nature, the heart, shamanic roots, and clever wordplay he weaves an esoteric tapestry using the threads of thought and of memory found within the loom of life. Part mystic, part arcane, and all deep, he pulls from the old ways to bring some semblance of order to the chaos in the mind. He wends and entwines the art of poetry with philosophy. Read and allow your spirit to reap merit.

Where to buy: only in paperback at lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon. Signed copies available directly from the author. Goodreads.

euphoria in blue [dreams]

poetry & photography by tara caribou

During the day, love, devotion, and passion hold fast, illuminating all they touch. The power and sway moves one like a river rushing along its bed. But as night descends, their presence becomes veiled by half-waking dreams, blissful hallucinations, and fantasy-ridden visions. Euphoria and yearning become fervor until the fresh morning brings temperance once more.

Where to buy: only in paperback at lulu. Signed copies available to US residents. Goodreads.

The Invisible Exhibitionist

poetry and fine art by emje mccarty

Artist and author emje mccarty spent two years digging introspectively into her heart and mind, inking a self-portrait each day within her intimate private journals. With the clarity of hindsight and personal growth, she shares her feelings, observations, anxieties, depressions, passions, anger, angst, and sorrows through poetry as well as vibrant emotionally-stirring inkings.

Where to buy: only in paperback at lulu or signed copies available directly from the author. Goodreads.

We Lived Like Kings

poetry by G.M. Manzi

G.M. Manzi ruminates the everyday introspection without sugarcoating or special dressing in his debut collection. Read like a friend sharing from his heart on a muggy summer evening in the back yard, pipe in hand, mesmerized by the rising smoke and long pauses between thoughts. He counters rough memories with softer moments and hindsight. Sit back, prop up your feet, and soak in the significant minutes.

Where to buy: lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ebook on Kindle. Signed copies available directly from the author. Goodreads.

Coming of Rage

short stories by Ray Van Horn, Jr.

Coming of Rage and six other short stories reflect the human spirit and learning how to rise up and meet adversity. To stand face-to-face with it, then overcome. These are tales of young and old, tragic and strong, broken but still standing. When a young man realizes all isn’t as he imagined it would be. When a woman relives her painful past and chooses to walk through the coals for the freedom on the other side. And when skin color becomes more than just skin-deep. These are the moments that shape us. The moments we make a decision to continue along our path of destruction or to rise above and allow wisdom to mold our minds into something new. A common thread of hard turning points and difficult decisions rendered weave throughout each tale as author Ray Van Horn, Jr. draws on his many years experience in the music industry where he rubbed elbows with drummers, vocalists, bands, groupies, managers, roadies, and die-hard fans.

Where to buy: lulu, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or EPUB ebook, Nook, Kobo, Kindle. Signed copies available directly from the author. Goodreads.

The Woman With Three Elbows

poetry and art by Rachael Ikins

Misdiagnosed for over a decade with multiple mental illnesses and prescribed dozens of pharmaceuticals, artist and author Rachael Ikins’ latest book delivers powerful prose, poetry, and art created directly from the clearing of her mind following that period in her life.

Where to buy: in paperback at lulu, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Goodreads.

The Gift of Mercy

poetry by Annette Kalandros

Through writing, poet Annette Kalandros hopes to weave a gift of mercy not only for herself but for her mother, late wife, and daughter. With honesty and brave transparency, she shares what love really is.

Where to buy: lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or EPUB ebook, Nook, Kobo, Kindle. Goodreads.

Bunny vs. Technology

a children’s picture book by emje mccarty

Alice only cares about spending time on her phone but a mysterious white rabbit shows her the magic found in her imagination.

Where to buy: lulu and directly from the author. Goodreads.


poetry by John A. Graser

In John Graser’s second collection of lyrical genius, he returns steady and strong sharing his experiences and raw emotions. Taking the reader deeper into his world. His unfiltered and uncensored writing will help you view the life a little differently.

Where to buy: only at lulu in paperback. Goodreads.

A Boat for the Sinking

poetry by Brandon White

Brandon White’s third collection of poetry. With an uncanny awareness of what matters most, Brandon White’s third book offers up a life-raft of poetry for us to cling to while answering the questions: how do we get through this sinking boat called life? What really matters and what doesn’t? His honing of instinct, humor, and truth will leave you spellbound, searching for your own answers.

Where to buy: in paperback at lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and signed copies available from the author. as ebook at lulu. Goodreads.

Coming April: Fog of the Midnight Hours

poetry by G.M. Manzi

In his second collection of gritty and unapologetic poetry, writer G.M. Manzi kicks off his boots and gets down to the meat and bones as he sifts through memories of heartbreak and the real life after-effects of a devastating relationship which left him questioning his worth, value, and place. He is unswerving in his emotions, neither shying away nor exaggerating them. Torn between the great what-if of an ending without closure and the decision for self-preservation to forgive and walk away, but this time with clean hands and head held high.

Coming in April 2023…

Coming May 2023: Between the Verses and the Ink: Volume One

poetry by Braeden Michaels

Braeden Michael’s sixth collection of poetry includes selected pieces from each of his first five books.

Coming in May 2023…

Coming June 2023: The Scars We Don’t See

micro fiction by Cassa Bassa

Cassa Bassa’s debut book, filled with her signature six-sentence stories and micro fiction.

Coming June 2023…

Coming 2023: Tiny House, Big Mountain

a novel by Patrick Gillespie

Magic, surrealism, hope, heart, and healing are found for a small family in their rural landscape.

Coming 2023…

Coming 2023: The Comment Poems

poetry by Robert Wertzler

Robert Wertzler shares a collection of poetry taken from comments made on social media posts, all inspired by the authors of the posts themselves.

Coming 2023…

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